At Narrabunda Ballpark in Canberra, Australia on Sunday (Korea time), Kia Tigers’ spring camp held separate meetings at 9:00 a.m. ET. Subsequently, the camp conducted baserunning and defense drills. First, the first and second baserunners started to steal the third base or steal the first and second baserunners based on the pitcher’s movements, and when the pitcher got a hit in the outfield, he connected quickly to catcher Kim Tae-gun or Han Jun-su through a cut man to prevent losing a point.

In the base running training, most of the fielders showed cheerful performance. Defense coach Lee Hyun-gon served as a hypothetical pitcher, and most of them caught the right timing to play at second base. Sometimes, Cho Jae-young, the base running coach, said to a player who started late, “You have to stop (start) one, two, three~. It’s late now.”여우알바

Coach Lee Hyun-gon instantly noticed the runner on the first base. If it was a real game, the runner on the first base would get caught in a rundown. “This is why a runner on the first base fails to see the runner on the second base,” Cho said. As a hypothetical runner on the second base did not run to the third base, a runner on the first base should not run to the second base.

Subsequently, catcher Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su suffered a lot during the relay throwing training on the left and right lines. First of all, a half-circle cone was placed about 7~8m away from the home plate. He emphasized the basics that when the cut man throws home, he has to hit the cone and deliver it to the catcher in a one-bound manner.

This is because one-bound throwing is better in terms of stability and accuracy than no-bound throwing, and it is easier for catchers to catch. Takeshi Nakamura, a battery coach, also explained to Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su how to deal with a bad throw. Separately, horn-shaped cones were placed on the left and right sides to accurately distinguish defense positions.

According to a reporter’s observation for a while, there were not many cases where the cutman’s throw hit the cone and was sucked into the catcher’s mitt with a one-bound. It is the same even if you think of the urgent real game. Considering that the runner often steps home while the home throw misses the side of the home plate, the accuracy of the throw is so important. It is true that it is a difficult defense because you have to throw while moving suddenly. This defense is very important in that one point can come and go, and it can even decide whether to win or lose.

Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su suffered a lot. This is because different balls continued to fly to them in height, bound speed, and bound count. Takeshi continued to encourage the two people who were sweating profusely. Coach Lee Heon-gon and coach Park Ki-nam continued to give advice in the outfield.

Kim Tae-gun and Han Jun-su have a lot of work to do. Afterwards, he moved to the bullpen constantly to receive pitches from pitchers, had to participate in another defense training, and played all of his batting training sessions. “Captors are usually the hardest,” said Jin Gap-yong, a legendary catcher who said with a smile. “I have to do it to make ends meet.”
Article courtesy of My Daily

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