Last year, Doosan Bears dominated the spring camp, and Australia has a new family this year. Hanwha Eagles and KIA Tigers also chose Australia this time.라바카지노

While Doosan is staying in Blacktown Sydney as it did last year, Hanwha chose Melbourne and KIA chose Canberra. Although it was a pity that they could not set up camp in nearby areas due to lack of infrastructure, the satisfaction of the teams that moved to Australia from the beginning of the camp was different.

It was because of memories like last year’s nightmare. Hanwha and KIA chose Arizona as their first camp site last year, but due to abnormal weather conditions, the weather fell below freezing, and snow fell.

It was difficult for players to build up their bodies properly, which affected the national baseball team that they trained at the same place. As a result, the national baseball team suffered a shocking first-round elimination at the World Baseball Classic.

Hanwha and KIA have turned to Australia. KT is the only team that is training in the captaincy. It was decided that it was better than Arizona even though it was winter weather.

The Hanwha team, which is training at the Melbourne Ball Park in Victoria, Australia, was very satisfied with its new training site. “The weather is really nice. Last year, the team had a hard time in Arizona. The wind is cool and it is perfect for training,” Son told Star News in Melbourne.

Coach Choi Won-ho also said, “We have ample training facilities in good weather. It is time for coaching staff and players to conduct efficient and perfect training.”

Another reason is the time difference. Australia, which flies two hours earlier than Korea, has a flight time of nearly 10 hours, which is comparable to the U.S., but the time difference is not as big as that of the U.S., so there is no need to adjust to the time difference either after arriving in Korea or after returning to Korea.

The situation was similar with KIA due to unfavorable circumstances without its coach. If heat is a problem, it is a problem, but the weather was not difficult at all. “If too hot is a problem, it could be a problem, but it is much more efficient to build up your body in a warm environment than in a cold weather,” captain Na Sung-bum told reporters at Nabunda Ballpark in Canberra. “I am satisfied with the baseball stadium and the environment,” adding, “Some players are suffering from jet lag, but I am satisfied because such circumstances do not exist.”

Through Doosan’s stance, which has enjoyed going to Australia alone for a long time, I was able to understand why it is Australia. Doosan has enjoyed visiting Australia since the past. Despite the difficult conditions to play practice games with domestic or Japanese professional baseball (NPB) teams, Doosan visited Australia and showed good performances every year, proving that it was not wrong to make the decision.

General manager Kim Tae-ryong, who met with Star News at Sydney’s Blacktown International Baseball Park, explained why he is visiting Australia, saying, “Australia is the best condition for training.”

Doosan will first build up its body in Australia, and then head to Miyazaki, Japan, before holding a practice match with NPB teams. This is also different from other teams that play the “mini KBO League” in Okinawa, Japan.

“The first step is to build up your body in Australia and then head to Japan, where the climate difference between Korea and Japan is relatively small,” Kim said. “If you suddenly move on to Korea, you may feel stiff or not due to the climate difference.”

KT, on the other hand, chose to stay in Korea for similar or different reasons. The team had a hard time in Arizona last year, and all the players said in unison, “If this is the case, Korea is better.” This was also the reason why the captain who was chosen during the training camp in Korea due to the novel coronavirus infection disease (COVID-19) won good reviews among the team members. First of all, the team received high marks for accommodation conditions, and the team also received high marks for its convenient environment for personal business such as hospital treatment.

However, some people are concerned that they chose Korea, which is still cold. Unlike the days of Corona, where everyone had to stay in Korea, only KT is preparing for the season in Korea. In fact, the team is continuing its training wearing thick clothes in chilly weather.

In baseball, there are many cases where it is impossible to judge the outcome immediately. The same goes for recruiting players and choosing an off-season training site. Only after the end of the year can we properly judge what impact this decision had. Despite being fed up with cold environments, Hanwha-KIA and KT had mixed choices. Attention is already focusing on what kind of assessments will be made after the end of the season and where the team will choose next year’s spring camp site.

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