The Kia Tigers continued its training sessions without a break during the Lunar New Year holidays. It exercised effectively for about three hours. At home, fielders conducted fly ball defense training at the main stadium. Lee Woo-sung was seen wearing a first baseman’s mitt this season.

Defensive coach Park Ki-nam and outfielder Lee Hyun-gon alternately hit the ball high with a pongo bat, and infielders took care of it after calling him “OK.” It is a basic training, but some made mistakes. Not only the two defense coaches, but also senior coach Jin Gap-yong and hitting coach Lee Bum-ho watched closely.헤라카지노

When a player missed a hit, defensive coach Park Ki-nam said, “I miss a lot during practice.” He meant that you should have enough time to repeat your mistakes and not make any mistakes on the actual stage. The basics cannot be overemphasized, so the fielders responded with concentration.

When a fielder’s movements were not smooth, Park said, “We need to minimize movement. My body shakes too much even when I step on the side steps.” The fielder immediately followed Park’s detailed orders, and later showed off his stable catching skills.

Coach Park Ki-nam and coach Lee Hyun-gon did a good job of making a quite ambiguous fly ball. He praised the fielder for making a call and approaching him quickly. “Good, nice call.” Then, applause broke out around him, and the fielder’s cohesion increased.

There was also a mischievous moment to tease the player who made a mistake. One player did not call him “OK” but “Okay!” Then, laughter broke out all at once on the ground. Coach Park Ki-nam didn’t miss the opportunity and said, “Are you a crow?” Another coach also called him a crow, making his laughter double.

If you look at KIA YouTube channel GYATV, you can see coach Park Ki-nam giving a defensive lecture sometimes, and the immersion is quite high. It is well-received that he is the so-called “voice handsome” and makes the explanation easy to understand. It was really like that when I heard it from Sage.

Kia ranks second at least in the league with 102 errors in the 2023 season. It was the team that made the fewest errors in the league, trailing only the KT Wiz with 99. However, no team can achieve such result again this year. History tells us that a team that is good at defense, especially one that is faithful to the basics, laughed in the fall. The rankings of Kia, which boasts the best defense capability, could change to just one in the lineup, starter and bullpen. Of course, analysts say that Kia also has stable defense capabilities.

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