He took a five-month break due to controversy over his excessive use of 247 pitches in five consecutive games, but needs more management. Doosan Bears’ first-round rookie Kim Taek-yeon (19) is playing for his first year as a professional adaptation and health, not competition to finish his debut year.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop met with reporters at Blacktown International Sports Park in Sydney, Australia, the site of the first spring camp, and revealed the debut season plan and how to use “first-rounder” Kim Taek-yeon.라바카지노

Manager Lee said, “(Kim) Taek-yeon didn’t throw a ball for five months. I played half-pitching twice in Icheon, and bullpen pitching about four times in camp, but my body has not fully recovered. I need time,” Lee said. “If I exercise with my seniors, it could make me over-face, so I have to take my time. There is nothing urgent right now. If you are in a hurry, you can get into trouble.”

Doosan nominated Incheon High School right-hander Kim Taek-yeon as the second pick in the first round at the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft. Doosan welcomed the first round of the season by hand, preparing a home uniform with Kim Taek-yeon’s name on the uniform number 2024, which was unusual at the time. This signaled the team’s expectations for Kim Taek-yeon.

Kim Taek-yeon is a right-handed fire bowler who plays four-seam fastballs with speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. He boasts fastballs and stable ball control. He pitched well in 13 games and 64 ⅓ innings last year with seven wins, one loss, 1.13 97 strikeouts and WHIP 0.66, and led the Korean youth team to a bronze medal by pitching 247 pitches in five consecutive games for eight days at the U-18 World Cup. He attracted more attention due to controversy over his overwork, rather than fighting spirit.

Kim Taek-yeon partially completed the final training led by Lee Seung-yeop, heading to Icheon Bears Park in November last year. Due to the aftermath of the U-18 Baseball World Cup, Kim only conducted two half pitching drills, but participated in weight training, catch ball and defense training, working with Doosan’s seniors who watched on TV.

Kim Taek-yeon is preparing for his debut season in the Australian first division spring camp with his fellow Korean Jeon Da-min (outfielder, 6th round pick). The adaptation is smooth. He is slowly improving his condition under the special management of Doosan, and he is receiving a lot of help from his roommate Lee Young-ha outside the ground. Kim Taek-yeon played 40 pitches in the fourth bullpen session on the 10th, and was evaluated by pitching coach Park Jung-bae as “getting better.”

“I’m getting used to it well. I’ve gotten to know my brothers and seniors a lot, and I sleep well,” Kim said at the scene. “I hear that the more I throw, the better I get. I feel that I keep getting better as I pitch. I feel my body is getting better.”

When asked which player he became closest to, he said, “It’s hard to tell just one or two players. All the older members are nice to me, including (Choi) Jun-ho, (Kim) Dong-ju, and (Choi) Ji-gang. They treat me well on my day off.” “Young-ha was awkward at first, but we got closer as we talked a lot at the dorm. He also exercises at night. He talks a lot about baseball in his room, which helps me adjust to the situation.”

Kim Taek-yeon, who was also mentioned as a candidate for Doosan’s closing pitcher in the offseason, plans to receive “special care” from Doosan, not competition in the first year. “Everyone says Kim Taek-yeon is a candidate for finishing pitcher, but I don’t think about it at all. I don’t want to take on a burdensome role from the start,” Lee said. “I haven’t shown anything so far, and I can’t decide on a job right away based on my reputation and ball power in high school.” He should give time to adapt first. If you put pressure on him from the start, he could get hurt. He said, “I try to serve him really well. However, he is a very talented pitcher.”

Kim’s opinion was the same. “I’m doing well without any pain, but I try not to be too impatient. I’ve rested that much, and I’m stretching my body while putting down a lot. I’m going to prepare well in time for the regular season,” Kim said.

“I have no intention of complaining about the position you give me. Going into a comfortable situation is also a first team stage. The experience itself is good, and if you show a good performance in such a situation, you can take a better position or go into a situation where a team is needed. My goal is to grow to the next level,” he added.

Kim’s ultimate goal is to become a closer for Doosan. He briefly imagined taking the mound at Jamsil Stadium in the ninth inning, saying, “Finishing is a position that I have always liked. The role of finishing looks great.”

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