Kim Min-seok, a 10th-rounder of the rookie draft for the 2024 season, is the only catcher among the KT Wiz rookies. Lee Seung-hyun, a 9th-rounder, became the only catcher as he switched to outfielder after being nominated as catcher. Kim Min-seok has been sweating profusely throughout the winter with the goal of growing into a catcher who succeeds Jang Sung-woo, Kim Joon-tae, and Kang Hyun-woo, who are seniors to KT, and helping protect the home turf of the Wizards.월카지노

Kim used to be a pitcher and third baseman until middle school. However, he changed his position after entering Jemulpo High School. He wore a catcher’s mask after the manager suggested that he try to be a catcher, taking advantage of his strong shoulders. “The catcher looks at the fielders all over the stadium and has a different charm from the fielder,” Kim said in an interview with the club. “I felt that I was leading the game, so I had a different charm from the fielder.”

His “strong dog” shone even more after he switched to catcher. During his high school days, he also had a high rate of blocking a stolen base. “I caught all but two steals. It also helped to create an atmosphere (by blocking a stolen base),” Kim recalled. As he has strong shoulders, he dreamed of becoming a catcher using Kai Takuya (Softbank of Japan) as his role model.

Even Korean fans are familiar with him as he was selected as a member of the 2019 Premier 12 and 2021 Tokyo Olympics team. “I wanted to resemble his fast and accurate throwing form with strong shoulders,” Kim said. “I know that he did not receive much attention when he was first nominated (sixth in line for training). But didn’t he prove his worth and receive a golden glove? I fell in love with his efforts,” Kim said.

KT’s seniors were also giving advice to Kim Min-seok, a talented prospect. Kang Hyun-woo, Kim’s catch partner at the spring camp in the first division, gave a positive assessment on Kim’s shoulder and pitching direction, saying that his shoulder or pitching direction is fairly straight and constant. Jang also said that he was curious about how to mix balls, adding, “The catcher is a psychological difficult position because I have to focus until the end and pay attention to the ball arrangement. The role is full of pride, so please participate in the game and constantly work hard.”

Kim Min-seok has been receiving balls from first-team pitchers at the spring camp in the U.S. Major League Baseball, and has been gaining valuable experience as a catcher. “I received a ball from Moon Yong-ik during my first bullpen session, and his fastball was impressive. I felt the ball fast because I liked the deception. I couldn’t catch the first fastball because I felt it coming out of nowhere,” he recalled.

Kim Min-seok, who is sweating along with players in the first division, said, “I want to learn a lot from experienced seniors. I want to learn not only my performance but also what kind of mindset I have as a 20-year-old rookie,” vowing to spend valuable time in the spring camp. “I want to start at least one game in the first division this year and imprint myself on the fans,” he said, renewing his commitment for the new season.

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