A man of 155 kilometers. Will he be able to emerge as a “secret weapon” of Lotte’s mound this year.

Last year, Lotte had an opening game against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium. Lotte allowed Doosan to come from behind 8-9 in the bottom of the eighth inning, but put Lee Min-seok as its relief pitcher with one out and a runner on the first base. Lee successfully ended the inning by throwing a flyout to center field after two pitches, such as catching Jung Soo-bin with a fly ball to shortstop and throwing a fastball of 153 kilometers to Heo Kyung-min.월카지노

Just in time, Lotte tied the score at 9-9 when Ahn Kwon-soo’s triple to right-center hit in the top of the ninth inning, and Lee Min-seok could take the mound in the bottom of the ninth inning as well. Having caught Jose Rojas through a flyout to right field after a full count, Lee quickly secured two outs by inducing Kim Jae-hwan to swing and strike out with a 139-km slider. However, Lee, who sent out Yang Eui-ji with a straight walk, complained of pain in his right elbow during the match against Kim Jae-ho, and had to step down from the mound.

It was a serious injury. As he underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment from his right elbow and ligament bonding surgery, he had to receive devastating news that he was out for the season. Was he frustrated because he had to end one season after just one game in the opening game.

Lee Min-seok is also a promising pitcher who is also drawing keen attention from Lotte. Having joined Lotte in 2022 as the first designated pitcher, Lee pitched 33 ⅔ innings in 27 games in his first season as a professional player, gaining experience with one win, one loss, five hold, and a 5.88 ERA. As he entered the opening roster last year, he was expected to have many uses, but he only posted 0.00 ERA in one ⅓ and one game.

Lee’s specialty is fastball. He boasts fastballs with a maximum speed of 155 kilometers, which is drawing attention as a secret weapon of Lotte’s mound this year. Currently, Lee is in the process of returning to action at the spring camp that is taking place in Guam. Since he took the operating table, he is also taking a cautious approach to when he will return to action.

“First of all, I will not rush to take the mound. I will be able to play in the Futures League in April and move up to the first division in May,” Lee said.

Lee, who had to watch his teammates play on TV after playing only in the opening game last year, said, “I was frustrated because I had to watch him play. It was similar to the moment when I was nominated as a professional player in my third year of high school. I was not allowed to play even then. Then, I remembered how I felt.” This is how desperate he is to return to the mound.

Lee is considered a possible resource for both starters and midfielder Lee. The exact time of his return is unknown yet, but if he returns within this year, he could become a hidden card for the Lotte mound. Will Lee be able to return to the mound this year to display his signature fastball? “I don’t think about arresting him,” Lee said. “This year, as long as I go back to how I was before I got hurt, it will be a success. Now, I am committed to starting from the beginning,” Lee said, vowing to take steps step by step before returning to the mound.

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