KIA Tigers seems to be speeding up its efforts to appoint a new coach. KIA is known to have completed its final candidate to replace former coach Kim Jong-kook, who was recently dismissed on charges of malpractice. General manager Shim Jae-hak and team leader-level officials plan to continue their work in Gwangju during the Lunar New Year holiday.라바카지노

It is difficult to clearly identify the final candidates for a new coach from the outside. Of course, there appears to be not much difference between those mentioned by the industry and media. The reason for this is that the recruitment is limited given that the appointment is the first in the KBO League in February. It is impossible to recruit coaches for nine teams. Existing coaches at Kia should also continue their positions.

In reality, Kia cannot afford to seek approval from its parent company during the Lunar New Year holidays. As such, Kia will likely conduct the process of grading the scores through interviews with candidates through the Lunar New Year holidays or as soon as possible after the Lunar New Year holidays, and then officially announce the scores after approval.

If so, he may be able to take the helm at the last minute of the Canberra spring camp in Australia at the earliest. KIA is holding spring camp with three-day training and one-day rest. It will stay at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra until June 20, and will stay at Kinne Stadium in Okinawa, Japan from June 23.

If Kia chooses an insider as its new head coach, it will be able to immediately take charge of the team. If it recruits an insider, it will likely see the possibility of joining the last Canberra training schedule from July 17 to 20. Anyway, the club is said to have agreed that the Okinawa camp should start with a new coach.

Unlike the Hanwha Eagles, which has two practice games in which Kia holds its own practice game and two practice games against Australia, it has not held a single actual game in Australia. Chances are high that the practice game against the KT Wiz, which will be held at Keane Stadium at 13:00 on Saturday, will be the new manager’s unofficial debut game. Before that, the key is how much physical contact the new manager and Kia players will be able to have.

Aside from appointing a new manager, Kia players sweat a lot at Canberra. They rested on Tuesday. According to Kia, the team is diligent enough to hold an early bird warm-up event at 8:20 a.m. on Tuesday at Nabunda Ball Park. Fielders train base, defense and batting, and continue weight training and personal maintenance in the afternoon after meals. Pitchers also eat meal after bullpen session and defense session, before weight training and personal maintenance in the afternoon.

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