Bleacher Report’s Zachary D. Reimer proposed a trade between the San Diego Padres and the Tampa Bay Rays on the 7th (Korea time). Reimer insisted on sending Kim Ha-sung to Tampa Bay and recruiting Herald Ramirez, who can see the outfield and first base, and Xavier Isaac, a promising first baseman.

Reimer suggested several trades through this article. In the case of San Diego, the outfield became poor as he actually traded for Juan Soto and Trent Grisham (New York Yankees). At this point, he is expected to recruit players internally.꽁머니

However, The Athletic Ken Rosenthal reported that Tampa Bay actually wants Kim Ha-sung, and San Diego is also actively watching Ramirez. That’s why Reimer argued that his offer was not convincing.

Inside the Padres said, “San Diego will have only Fernando Tatis Jr. and Jose Azoka in the 40-man outfield during the spring camp. The team desperately needs to reinforce the outfield depth before March, but it seems that the team is hesitant to sign an FA contract because of the pay cut. We can get an outfield through trade.”

Inside the Padres point out that the gap between San Diego fans’ thoughts, emotions, and the club’s position is wide. San Diego cannot afford to offer $39 million (about 52 billion won) to second baseman Kim Ha-sung in the FA market a year later. If so, in fact, the only option is to trade before the trade deadline after the Seoul Series.

Inside the Padres said, “It will not be easy for San Diego fans to see Kim Ha-sung, who finished 14th in the National League MVP voting, finish his career-best season. However, with Tatis, Manny Machado, and Xander Bogaerts signing large-scale contracts for the next 10 years, it may be difficult to keep Kim Ha-sung within budget in San Diego for the rest of his career.”

Reimer said, “If Tampa Bay is going to make a deal with someone, it’s probably San Diego. This leads to the signing of Kim Ha-sung, who has a strong case as the most underrated player in the majors today. Kim Ha-sung is a Gold Glove defender, and he was solid enough on offense as he was worth WAR 5 or higher for the last two consecutive seasons.”

Reimer continued, “In other words, Kim Ha-sung is a better choice at shortstop than Jose Caballero (Tampa Bay), and he is one of the players Tampa Bay wants in this trade. According to Rosenthal, San Diego is actively shopping for Ramirez.”

It is no secret that San Diego has put Kim Ha-sung on the trade market. “San Diego has set a high price for Kim Ha-sung. It is almost certain that he will turn down the 2025 option after this season and become an FA,” said Dennis Lin.

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