A 165-centimeter-tall infielder. He joined the pro league in the sixth round, not even a top-ranked team. Currently, there are quite a few successful short players including Kim Ji-chan (163 centimeters) and Kim Sung-yoon (163 centimeters), but as recently as 2008, many people suspected that a short player cannot succeed. However, Kim Sun-bin (35) proved that he can never do well by securing an FA contract twice, saying, “It is never easy.” He proved that he can play baseball well even if he is short.월카지노도메인

Early last month, Kim signed a three-year FA contract with the Kia Tigers for a total of 3 billion won. He signed a contract worth 600 million won, 1.8 billion won in annual salary, and 600 million won in options, effectively confirming the Tigers’ one-club man. Kim, who was drafted 43rd in the sixth round of Kia’s second round in 2008 when he was 19, will be able to wear the Tigers’ uniform until the age of 37, having scored in his second FA contract after a four-year, four-billion-won contract in 2020.

“Kim Sun-bin, who joined KIA in 2008, played in 1,509 games in 15 seasons of the KBO League with 1506 hits, a batting average of .333, 564 RBIs, 691 runs scored and 149 stolen bases. He recorded a high batting average of .322 last season, 134 hits, 48 RBIs and 41 runs, and has shown excellent leadership as the captain of the team over the past two years,” the KIA club explained why it held Kim Sun-bin.

Kim Sun-bin, who met at Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia, the site of KIA’s first spring camp on the 7th, said, “I am proud of my two FA contracts. At first, there were a lot of comments such as “Can a short player come in and succeed?” and “Can he play for a long time when he is short?” adding special meaning to the seven-year, 7 billion won contract.

Kim’s secret to his “two FA” choices is consistency. In fact, he has been called a “small giant” throughout his career and has played in 1,509 games for 16 years. He also has a career batting average of over 300%. In 2017, he was honored to win his first career batting champion, a golden glove in shortstop, and a championship ring at the same time.

Kim Sun-bin said, “I have to consistently get good grades in the first team to sign an FA contract. I think I was able to sign an FA contract twice because I also did it consistently. If I see (Choi) Hyung-woo, he was able to sign an FA contract because he was consistently good.”

How does it feel to have spring camp after the second FA contract? Did he feel more responsible than before? Kim Sun-bin said, “The responsibility is held by all players. I also always play with a responsibility regardless of FA contract. There is no more responsibility after playing FA. All players are the same.”

Kim Sun-bin, who served as captain until last year, has been participating in the spring camp, helping new captain Na Sung-bum. As the manager was replaced just before the camp, veteran players such as Choi Hyung-woo, Na Sung-bum, Yang Hyeon-jong and Kim Sun-bin are playing bigger roles in the KIA camp.

“What can we do about situations where there is no coach?” Kim said. “Fortunately, captain B is leading the mood in a good way. The rest of the seniors are supporting him. They are listening to him and training diligently. The team atmosphere is good.”

Kim pointed out that Kia could go on to challenge for the upcoming presidential election this season if there are no injured players. “If there are no injured players this year, I think we can win the championship. Last year, we had a hard time because we had a lot of injured players from the beginning,” Kim said. “Of course, it does not feel like 2017. Back then, the team was so strong that it cannot be compared to now. However, now, the team is in great harmony with the old and the new. My physical condition is very good as well.”

Last month, Kim delivered 20 million won (17,500 U.S. dollars) in “Cheering Fund to Cultivate Dreamers” to the Jeju Namcho Baseball Team, becoming a paragon of other players. Kim has been called an “icon of donation” in the KBO league with his steady sharing activities, starting with a donation of 10 million won (19,800 dollars) to children from crisis families in 2019.

“My wife wants me to donate a lot. I want her to donate after the season ends,” Kim said. “There is no reason to refuse that. There is no reason to say no. I do what my wife tells me to do,” he said, expressing gratitude toward his wife.

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