Ulsan HD FC’s “Umsala” Um Won-sang smiled awkwardly, as if his pitch was still awkward.

Ulsan announced the captain’s team on the 6th, which will be led by Kim Ki-hee (captain), Joo Min-gyu, Kim Min-woo and Um Won-sang (vice captain). Um Won-sang, who marks the third year of his move to Ulsan, has joined the captain’s team. Um Won-sang stands out in the veteran’s gap. In fact, he looked awkward.꽁머니

There is a reason. He serves as a bridgehead for older brothers and younger brothers on and off the field. Um has had 16 goals and 10 assists (based on league standards) over the past two seasons. Ulsan has secured two consecutive championships. It is evaluated as the best recruitment.

“I don’t know why I’m here,” Um Won-sang said at the 2024 K-League Winter Training Media Camp hosted by the Korea Professional Football Federation on Thursday. “I never imagined that I would take this position. I’ll do bad work and help my older brothers a lot.”

In peacetime, Kim Ki-hee will lead the team as the commander of the ground, but depending on the situation, Joo Min-gyu, Kim Min-woo and Um Won-sang can take turns wearing armbands. As such, he has a heavy shoulder and a sense of responsibility follows.

Um Won-sang said, “After I came to Ulsan, I was lucky to win two consecutive games. It’s a good thing.”

When asked if he had that much time, he shook his head, saying, “I think I still have a lot of time (in my 6th year as a professional). I will fill my time by learning from my brothers.”

“To be honest, I don’t have leadership. It’s a learning process. Director Hong Myung-bo told me to do as much as I want if I have someone in distress. I will give a whip to (Seol) Young-woo,” he declared.

The veterans asked for Um Won-sang’s leadership. Kim Ki-hee said, “The reason I recommended him was because he was older than me. In fact, I personally didn’t say a word for him for two years. I saw him communicating with younger juniors during the training camp. I thought that being vice-captain would give me strength.”

Joo Min-gyu also said, “Won Sang talked to me while sharing a room with Ki Hee-hyung. I felt that I have leadership through this training session. I checked my leadership through conversations and things I asked for on the ground. I will become a good player.”

The same applied to Kim Min-woo, a transfer student. “Wonsang talked to me first. I thought it would be quiet, but I remember being surprised to see him approaching me first. I think that if I show that to other players, I will be able to display good leadership,” he said, expressing expectations.

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