Tyler Appler (31), who played for Kiwoom Heroes in professional baseball, will mark his second season in Taiwan.라바카지노

CPBL STATS, which reports on Taiwanese baseball, announced on Tuesday that the Wei Qian Dragons will sign Apple. Last year, Apple made nine starts for the Fubang Guardians, winning three games and losing one with a 2.89 ERA (56 innings) and allowing on-base hits (WHIP) of 1.23 per inning. It seemed that he ended his contract early for personal reasons after the end of the first half, but he joined hands with the Wei Qian team.

Appler is a familiar name to Korean baseball fans. In 2022, he played in 33 games for the Kiwoom Heroes and recorded six wins and eight losses with an ERA of 4.30. He completed the season without replacing him, but failed to renew his contract before heading to Taiwan.

Having recruited Appler, Weichien will now have Hashier Herrera, Brian Woodall, and Drew Gagnon as foreign players for the 2024 season. Gagnon is also an experienced player in the KBO League like Appler. He had 11 wins and eight losses with an ERA of 4.34 (159 ⅔ innings) for the KIA Tigers in 2020.

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