In recent years, a large number of young pitchers have appeared on the mound of KIA Tigers regardless of starting pitcher and bullpen pitcher. Veteran Yang Hyeon-jong is proud to see this.

In the case of the starters, who have stood out only for foreign pitchers and Yang Hyun-jong for many years, left-handers Lee Eui-ri and Yoon Young-cheol showed growth, relieving their worries. Both players quickly adapted as soon as they entered the professional league, and thanks to this, the weight of the starters has changed significantly over the years.월카지노

The same holds true for bullpen sessions. Jung Hae-young and Choi Jimin played a key role in the team’s must-win group, fulfilling their expectations. At the 2023 Asian Baseball Championship last year, he elevated his value by serving as key bullpen agents for the national team.

With the emergence of new faces in both the starter and the bullpen, a natural generational change is possible. On top of that, Kia has nothing more to hope for if potential pitchers such as Hwang Dong-ha, Kwak Do-gyu, and rookie Cho Dae-hyun continue to grow. It is also one of the areas that KIA is focusing on in this spring camp.

Yang, who led the Tigers’ mound for more than 10 years, said, “I think everyone competes in good faith in the camp. All the players who worked hard in the Futures League last year and the players who showed good performances in the first team are working hard to secure their positions. I am thinking positively because the team can become stronger while competing like that.”

“I think last year (Lee) Lee Eui-ri, Yoon Young-cheol, Jung Hae-young, and Choi Jimin all had a good experience. I think our team will continue to improve for the next 10 or 20 years only if the players do well,” he said, wishing the young players well.

Notably, Yang paid attention to players who had visited the U.S. driveline in December last year. The five pitchers Jung Hae-young, Lee Eui-ri, Hwang Dong-ha, Yoon Young-cheol and Kwak Do-gyu had customized programs on the driveline for 33 nights and 34 days before the spring camp.

Yang Hyun-jong smiled, saying, “Seeing young players, we talked a lot with each other and shared the training schedule we had during the winter, so I’m envious and proud at the same time.”

As a senior player, Yang has only one thing he wants to say: Don’t get injured. “Because the team’s future is bright when young players do well, I think it is his wish that young pitchers do well while always being proud, constantly and without getting sick,” Yang said.

Yang Hyeon-jong will play the role of bridge for coaches Chung Jae-hoon and Lee Dong-geol, who joined the team this winter. “Coaches tell us to approach anytime because we are open-minded, but it can be difficult for young players to approach us,” Yang said. “I was like that when I was young. I think we need to talk a lot with the coaching staff about suggestions made by the players between the coaching staff and the players.”

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