Three hits in the entire season, but why can’t they finish the salary negotiations.

Spring camp has begun. Before leaving for off-season training, all the players will conclude salary negotiations and concentrate on exercising.라바카지노

However, there are still two players who have not signed the seal. The club wants to be included in the list of players on hold and accompany them, but the disagreement between the two sides is not narrowing.

The pair are veteran Doosan Bears shortstop Kim Jae-ho and KT Wiz founding member Song Min-seop.

Despite his old age, Kim still excels in defense. Doosan, which does not have adequate shortstop substitute resources, needs a contract with Kim. However, Kim has yet to sign his half-cut salary. His annual salary last season was 500 million won.

There is room for understanding that Kim Jae-ho is enduring somehow. Considering his reputation so far, his current team status and skills, some sympathy may be attached to what the players do not accept.

However, it is a mystery to Song Min-seop. He is a de facto starting member of KT who joined the team as a foster player in 2014. With countless founding members missing, he has firmly maintained his position. Although he did not play as a mainstay in the team, he played well as a pinch runner and a pinch runner with fast feet, solid outfield defense based on strong shoulders, and stealer skills. He was of good character and showed great fighting spirit in the dugout. He is a favorite of KT members. The team judged that he could grow well as a future leader.

However, he is showing too high a stance in the upcoming salary negotiations. He had a batting average of 130 percent in 69 games last season. He had three hits in 23 times at bat. He has at least three stolen bases. Song’s annual salary last season was 65 million won. He added some incentives to motivate players. In terms of performance alone, there is nothing to say about a reduction.

Was he disappointed by the proposal? However, KT didn’t even think about the proposal. It proposed a 65 million won freeze. It also maintained incentives. It admitted its value as a founding member and as a backup agent who sacrifices silently for the team behind the scenes, and handed over the proposal with difficulty.

Song Min-seop must also have his own reason to receive more than the club’s offer. His thoughts should be respected as well. There is definitely more value for players than visible performance.

However, they are professionals. Professional players are regarded for their performance. A team has a direction to operate. If a player with poor performance is paid more than a high school record, other players will not stay put. Equity is the most important thing.

An official from KT said, “From the team’s point of view, we have decided on the annual salary with utmost consideration. Song Min-seop is an essential player in our team. I hope to conclude the negotiations soon and start preparing for the season together.”

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