The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has distributed guidance materials to 10 professional baseball clubs that include changes in regulations and rules in 2024.헤라카지노

KBO announced on the 6th that it has also guided major matters regarding the automatic ball judgment system (ABS), base size expansion, and defensive shift restrictions, as well as pitch clock regulations piloted by the KBO League, and three pitcher opposing rules introduced to the Futures League.

KBO said, “In the guide material, the criteria for the top, bottom, left, and right of the strike zone were specified in relation to the operation of ABS, and detailed how to determine when the system is defective. To help visual understanding, I attached graphic data and actual KBO League game pitching video data.” He added, “The contents of the defensive shift limitation were also described by attaching graphics, separating applicable and non-applicable defensive positions.”

KBO emphasized in a guide material, “The result of the ABS decision is final, and no objection or complaint can be made. If smooth ABS operation is impossible due to equipment and system defects, errors, and other force majeure situations, it will be replaced by the referee’s ball-strike decision.”

Regarding the defensive shift limit, ▶The defense team should have at least four players located in the infield, and two infielders should be located on each side based on the second base. ▶When a pitcher is standing on the pitch board, four infielders should be within the boundary of the infield soil ▶If the infielders are not properly aligned when pitching, the offensive team can choose the automatic ball or hitting result ▶The movement of the outfielder is not restricted, but more than four outfielders cannot be deployed.

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