“I can’t fill my power after this.” The San Francisco Giants are trying to strengthen their power by recruiting the World Series MVP three years ago.마카오카지노

Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com said on the 6th (Korea Standard Time) that San Francisco is negotiating with outfielder Jorge Solaire (32) in the free agent market.

It was an attempt to recruit the pitcher to reinforce slugging capability. San Francisco ranked 19th overall with 174 home runs last year. Wilmer Flores, who hit the most home runs in his team, also had only 23.

Solaire, who can expect more than 30 home runs, is aiming to recruit Solaire. Solaire had 36 home runs in 137 games last year.

In 2019, he also became the American League home run king with 48 home runs. If you don’t miss many games due to injury, you can expect 30 home runs.

Solaire, however, is a type that presents problems with the accuracy of batting. The difference between batting average and on-base percentage is quite large, but the overall batting average is only 0.243.

Even if San Francisco recruits Solaire, Lee Jung-hoo’s position will not be shaken. Lee Jung-hoo will be San Francisco’s No. 1, center fielder as scheduled.

This is because San Francisco did not expect power when recruiting Lee Jung-hoo. Lee Jung-hoo only needs to show accurate batting, outfield defense, and baserunning.

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