Kiwoom Heroes is the “major league academy” of the KBO League. Starting with Kang Jung-ho, Park Byung-ho, Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo advanced to the big league stage through Kiwoom.

Kiwoom is preparing for another ‘permanent student’ in the 2024 season. Infielder Kim Hye-sung (25) is the main character.

He even got permission from his club in January. After this season, he will seek to advance to the Major League through a posting system.

Kim Hye-sung did not hide his expectations for the new season. Photo (U.S. Scottsdale) = Correspondent Kim Jae-ho
“Thank you (for allowing me to post). I think I only have good things left to do.”

Kim Hye-sung, who met at Salt River Field in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, where Kiwoom Spring Camp was set up on the 4th (Korea time), thanked the club for allowing his big league challenge.

I asked the next commissioned student of the Major League Military Academy what was the secret of Kiwoom’s achievement of such fame.

“Firstly, I think scouts who selected good players played the biggest role. Second is how the team operates. If there are good players, we give them opportunities to gain experience and show them our potential,” he said.

Until 2017, when Kim first debuted as a pro, he was not able to seize the opportunity properly due to Seo Geon-chang and Kim Ha-seong. However, he started to constantly seize the opportunity after playing in 136 games in 2018. Starting with his batting average of 0.304 in 2021, he recorded a batting average of .300 for three consecutive seasons.

He received the Golden Glove as a shortstop in 2021, and the Golden Glove as a second baseman in 2022 and 2023. He was the first Korean to win the Golden Glove as a second baseman and shortstop in the KBO.

Now he is a player who is looking ahead to the big leagues. Big league teams have been watching him steadily, but his eyes will get hotter this season.

“I don’t care because I’m busy doing what I want to do even when I practice. I’m also busy concentrating while doing what I want to do. It’s even worse during games. I’m concentrating and doing what I have to do,” he said. “I’m not aware of this kind of gaze.”라바카지노주소

The atmosphere is good. Senior Kim Ha-sung showed good performance earlier, and Lee Jung-hoo took over the atmosphere and signed a huge six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants.

How did it feel to watch Lee Jung-hoo’s “jackpot contract” when he joined the club?

“It’s not that I was motivated, but rather, how should I say I’m proud that my friend and my motivation are treated so well? I felt like, ‘That’s my friend!’ It was cool.”

He might have had a ‘jackpot dream’ while watching his motivation smile brightly in a Giants uniform. However, he shook his head and said emphatically, “What I’m good at first.”

“There are some things that (Kim) Ha-sung did well and (Lee) Jung-hoo got it well, but I think it’s bigger because Jung-hoo did well. I’m also going to have to do well rather than be influenced by someone.”

What do you want to appeal to the Major League teams that will keep an eye on you the most? After agonizing over it for a while, Kim Hye-sung said, “I am a fast player. I am fast in foot and defense. I am a player who has strengths in many aspects.”

In the 2024 season, he will start his season as Kiwoom’s captain. “I just want to work hard,” he said. “I don’t feel any particular pressure as a captain.

“Raising the mood of the team is something you have to do well in matches. When we practice, we have a lot of mood makers. (Song) Sung-moon, (Lee) Yong-gyu, and (Lee) Hyung-jong all make the mood good. If they lead us, we can follow them. They are leading us in a good way.”

All seasons are important, but 2024 is an especially important year for Kim Hye-sung. We need to lay the groundwork for bigger challenges and build the pride of the team that fell to the bottom last season.

“First of all, I’m excited,” he said, expressing his thoughts on preparing for the new season. “I hope we can show everything we prepared for this season and do it without regret. I’m looking forward to it this year,” he said, expressing his expectations for the new season.

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