Matt Davidson, 33, a new foreign hitter for the Dinosaurs, is in ultra-focus mode as if everyone had promised when he was batting gage. If you do not pay attention, you will not be able to chase the ball properly due to fastballs. As soon as you cross the fence, you will be surprised saying, “How many have you had already?” The speed of the ball in the data is 179 kilometers. The NC Dinos’ head coach is full of smiles.헤라카지노주소

The NC spring camp, which is taking place at Tucson Reed Park Enex Field in Arizona, the U.S. on the 3rd (local time), has high expectations for the “homer king” this season. Davidson, the “homer king” of the U.S. Triple-A Pacific Coast League in the 2022 season, is the star.

It’s a batting practice, but one can’t help but be impressed by the batting that crosses the fence. An NC source said, “Six to seven out of 10 balls go over the fence. After the training is over, we go all the way to get the ball out of the fence.”

Manager Kang In-kwon’s face smiled watching Davidson’s practice next to the batting gauge. With no team “big guns,” Davidson is truly a blessing. This is why expectations are growing.

“The swing is smooth and powerful. I checked and found that the speed of the ball was 179 kilometers. I have high expectations,” Kang said. “I think he has enough skills. Adaptability is the most important thing at the beginning of the season, but he clearly has excellent ability. He is a player who can meet the long-range power required by our team.”

According to information provided by Rhapsody, the average batting speed of Major League Baseball (ML) players in the U.S. is 90.5 miles and about 145.6 kilometers when practicing batting. Just by looking at the simple figures, it is calculated that Davidson’s batting speed is about 35 kilometers faster than average.

“I am very satisfied with today’s training. When I was playing in the Japanese league last year, I did not show good performance as a player. That’s why I gritted my teeth and worked hard to build up my body this off-season,” Davidson said after training. “I had a hard time last year, but I will show good performance as I have been preparing for this year at NC Dinos.”

He played for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in the Japanese professional baseball league last season, and although he hit 19 home runs, he performed poorly in key figures such as batting average and on-base percentage. He is striving hard this year and aims for a perfect revival in the KBO league.

“I am aware that I lacked a lot last year. I had a hard time because the pitching positions and types of pitchers in the Major League and Japanese were very different,” Davidson said. “After trying to adjust such things, my batting mechanism changed and my balance seems to have collapsed,” he said. “However, I am confident that my experience in playing in the Japanese league will help me. I will have a successful season this year because I worked so hard during the offseason.”

“I have long balls as my main weapon and I am fully aware of the team’s expectations,” he said. “I think if I take the baseball that I pursue and my swing, it will lead to good results. I want to show good performance in defense as well. I will also show my fans my sincerity and integrity.”

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