Wyndham Clark of the U.S. was able to hit a course record of 12-under 60 at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am on the PGA Tour because of a hole dug by a groundhog.

Clark faced a crisis at the 16th hole (par 4) as he tried to reduce the number of strokes with fierce momentum in the third round of the tournament held at Pebble Beach Golf Links (par 72) in California on the 4th (Korea time).

Clark’s tee shot went off the fairway and fell into a deep rough on the left.

Clark, who looked closely at Lai, insisted that the ball was placed in a cave dug by an animal, and the match commissioner also accepted it.꽁머니환전

According to Golf Rule 16.1, it is possible to leave the spot with no penalty drops from animal holes, sections under construction, immovable obstacles or obstruction by temporary water.

Clark, who moved the ball to a better place, put it on the green with a brilliant second shot and blocked it with par.

“I thought it was a divot, but it wasn’t. I thought it was an animal digging it because there was a hole under the ground,” Clark said in an interview with local reporters after the third round.

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