Paris Bath played an active role with 35 points, 15 rebounds, and seven assists in an away game against Seoul SK Wyverns at Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium on the 3rd. It was a bath-like performance that disturbed the ecosystem. When he was active, he was often compared to a real fish (魚種) called Bath, and that was exactly what he looked like on the day.

Bath’s field pitching rate stood at only 43 percent from the first to third quarters, showing disappointment in the closing game. However, it displayed performance as if it were a disruptor to the ecosystem from the fourth quarter. KT was poised to lose, trailing by 12 points in the early fourth quarter. However, Bath, which opened the scoring with a fantastic one-handed dunk, kicked off its “one-man show.” In the fourth quarter alone, Bath scored 17 points to lead KT to an upset win by two points. Bath’s shot rate of 100 percent in the fourth quarter included all of its shooting footwear. Bath poured cold water on the packed Jamsil crowd, which filled up some 5,200 spectators. With the victory, KT (24 wins and 13 losses) has become the sole leader, beating over SK and Changwon LG.라바카지노주소

“I’m glad that we won,” Bath told reporters after the game. “I thought referees were trying to take away our victory. Still, I was able to win by executing what I had prepared well.”

“As much as I was disappointed in the referee’s decision, I had a strong desire to win and I really wanted to win. I’m sure my teammates felt the same way,” he said of his near-perfect performance in the fourth quarter.

He also won a decision-making match against Jamil Warney, one of the best foreign players in the KBL. Warney, the No. 1 scorer, had a hard time with KT’s strong defense and scored only 16 points. He scored twice as many points as Warney. When asked if he was conscious of Warney, he said, “I always play with the mindset that I am the best player in the KBL rather than competitiveness. I think he expressed his confidence that he can do well no matter what kind of player he faces. I played without fear.”

KT, which became the sole runner-up, trailed the top-ranked Wonju DB by 4.5 games. “I wish I could win, but even if I fail, I have to win as many games as possible for the playoffs. I want to continue my winning streak,” Bath said. “I will try to make my teammates play better. It is also important to reduce ups and downs in performance. If I put all my energy into the game from the beginning, my team will be better off,” Bath said.

Bath has recently changed his hairstyle. He has maintained the Afro style, which is called “bomb hairstyle,” from the dreaded style. “I want to have a dead hair style, but I can’t go because my hair is too far away,” Bath said. When asked if his hairstyle affects his performance, he said, “People around me say that I do better if I have a bomb hairstyle. But I don’t think so.”

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