The Golden State Warriors are not in a hurry to change their members.

According to Clutch Points, Golden State will not trade Maple Jordan’s Andrew Wiggins (forward, 201cm, 89kg) at this point.

Since last month, the possibility of a Wiggins trade has been discussed locally. It is because he is quite sluggish and has rarely been a contributor to the team. He was even pushed out of the competition to become a starting member. However, as his value has been lowered, there was a possibility that Golden State would not start trading immediately.

In a way, it is a natural step. When Golden State says it will trade Wiggins, the conditions it can receive may be somewhat limited. The story could be different if it was the same as at the time of the championship or last season, but it is not showing the same side as before this season. On the contrary, trade can be burdensome as it is having its lowest season since entering the NBA.

Although he is sluggish, he has plenty of room to survive considering his performance up to last season. In fact, he rebounded early in the season, but failed to continue his upward trend due to finger injury. The situation is similar recently. As he is getting better little by little, he may have a better time in mind if he has to engage in trade.월카지노주소

However, if Golden State does not trade Wiggins or Chris Paul sometime this season, huge fiscal spending is inevitable. His annual salary has already exceeded $200 million. However, it is understood that he is trying to be cautious, as he has little assets to receive if he trades right away. He has also scored 16.5 points in 33.5 minutes on average in the last six games.

Golden State also has room to watch. After the season, his contract with Clay Tamson expires. Paul’s contract could also be terminated (with no guarantee of next season’s salary). It is fair to say that Golden State’s contract with Wiggins is sufficient. After the upcoming 2024-2025 season, Gary Payton II’s contract will finally end. It will make room for fiscal management in sequence.

However, it is unclear whether he will be able to take on an additional challenge to win the title while working with Stephen Curry. For the Golden State to remain strong, Wiggins and Tamson must cheer up while Curry and Draymond Green are at the center. On top of that, Peyton and Paul should play their respective roles. However, they failed to display their full strength due to injury, sluggish performance, and disciplinary action.

The key is Golden State’s advance to the playoffs. If they play in a big game, they can wait and see if the Wiggins rebound. Considering the performance of this season, it is questionable whether they will be able to use their strength in the playoffs, but there is room for expectation. However, Golden State is currently ranked 12th in the Western Conference with 21 wins and 24 losses.

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