Kim Chae-yeon, the rising star of Korean female figure skating, won a silver medal for the first time at the Four Continents Championships.마카오카지노

Standing on the silver board in a black costume, Kim Chae-yeon performed a soft yet charismatic free skating performance to the music of the movie “The Dance of Maddaughters.”

Following the first jump double axel, I ran both triple lutz-triple toe loop continuous jumps and triple loops perfectly.

In the last jump, triple salco, it was a pity that the landing was shaken and fell.

Still, he regained his normal mind again and finished acting by playing the combination spin at the highest level.

Kim Chae-yeon won the silver medal with a total of 204.68 points with 134.91 points, shaking off her disappointment of finishing fourth last year.

Last year’s winner, Lee Hae-in, is Cody

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