Boston has been humiliated at the bottom of the American League East for the past two years in a row. After Toronto, which looked down on it, Baltimore overtook them. It had only 78 wins and 84 losses (.481) for the second consecutive year. Boston was the only team in the fierce American League East that failed to win 50 percent.마카오카지노

The outlook for 2024 is not bright, either. This is why the club is tightening its belts. Boston Red Sox’s annual salary in 2023 was about 225.7 million dollars. It is close to the 237 million dollars that it expects to impose this year’s luxury tax. Although the team released and traded several players during the off-season, and downgraded its size, the team’s annual salary is still expected to exceed 190 million dollars. Even if the season ends without any recruitment, that is true.

Mass Live, a leading media outlet in Massachusetts, also said on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time), “Boston had an generally inactive offseason,” adding this financial pressure. However, Boston added that it needs to reinforce its starting and designated hitter positions to compete at least in the fierce East, and that it will be able to spend up to $225 million. Mass Live predicted that it could spend between $224 and $25 million to meet people’s expectations.

Recalling that many players remain in the free agent market, Mass Live brought up the name of Ryu Hyun-jin, 37, who has yet to decide on his team. Due to Boston’s lack of money to spend and multiple positions to reinforce, it is difficult to recruit a top-rated starter. However, reinforcement of starting pitchers is absolutely necessary. If so, Ryu could be considered as cost-effective, such as Ryu Hyun-jin, rather than expensive players like Blake Snell or Jordan Montgomery.

Mass Live said, “By any standards, Boston has a worse roster than its 78-win squad last year. It is realistic for Boston to maintain its annual salary at around 200 million dollars, but there are too many holes in its roster to become a reality,” citing the candidate list as “Boston could still add a veteran starting pitcher.” One of them was Ryu Hyun-jin. Mike Clevinger and Michael Lorenzen, who have been involved with Ryu recently, were also mentioned.

Given Boston’s circumstances, however, if the team recruits players of this level, it is more likely that the team will focus more on Ryu than on Clevinger or Lorenzen. Currently, Lucas Giolito, Brian Bello, Nick Pivetta, Tanner Hauke, Garrett Witchcock, and Cutter Crawford are mentioned as the starting pitcher rotation for the Boston Red Sox. They are not enough players to survive in the challenging American League East. Moreover, the six players mentioned earlier are right-handers. It is not necessary to match the right and left sides, but if the price is the same, the team naturally prefers the left-hander.

Boston has not closed the door to additional reinforcement of starting pitchers before spring training begins. Mass Live also predicted that if a veteran starter is hired, he will be able to maintain his team’s payroll by turning Witchcock or Hauke into the bullpen and trading Kenley Jansen or other high-salaried workers. There is a possibility of trade, but there are already quite a few changes in the squad in the process of sending Chris Sale to Atlanta, so it is highly likely to look into the FA market first.

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