Up until 10 years ago, the word “release” seemed to mean the end of a player’s career. However, that is not always the case now. While some teams may have lost their necessity, others may not. There are not many stories about the comeback of release players every year.월카지노도메인

KIA also has a history of recruiting players who were released from other teams and making good use of them. Players who are needed to build its team’s capacity have not been stingy in recruiting players who have been released. Of course, there are no players with superstar-level performances, but there are quite a few cases where they have contributed to its capacity in the first division by playing in factors.

Choi, who earned the nickname “Fung Woon-ah” for his turbulent baseball life story, played for KIA from 2004 to 2005 and from 2012 to 2013. Choi, who has been missing teeth in the middle of his KBO League career due to his continuous overseas challenge without giving up, has performed fairly well in KIA. In particular, since joining the club in 2012, he has made meaningful records by recording one win, three losses, nine saves and two holds with an ERA of 3.98 in 24 games and two wins, two losses and eight holds with an ERA of 4.45 in 26 games in 2013.

Right-hander Choi Young-pil was an indispensable player when talking about the story of Kia’s release from the mound. Having made a name for himself as a solid pitcher at Hyundai and Hanwha, Choi moved to SK in 2012, but was released after failing to show good performance for two years. In 2014, Choi was 40 years old. However, Choi had a strong will to continue as an active player, and Kia recruited him at the time and played for three and a half seasons.

In 2014, Choi pitched 53 ⅔ in 40 games, the first season since his transfer to the Kia Tigers, and showed off his robust performance with four wins, two losses and a 3.19 ERA. He rebounded to the point where he no longer had to think about “release.” In 2015, he pitched 63 innings in 59 games, recording 5 wins, two losses and a 2.86 ERA, which far exceeded his peak. Choi pitched in 155 games and 175 ⅓ during the four seasons, ending his career with 13 wins, seven losses, two saves, and a 3.34 ERA. At the time, Kia fans praised him as a de facto free agent.

Ahead of the 2016 season, infielder Seo Dong-wook joined KIA in a free trade format and showed off strong performance. Kia, which had no chance at Nexen but lacked backup infielders at the time, predicted that it would be able to utilize insurance policies, and the result was awesome. Seo Dong-wook had a batting average of 0.292 in 124 games in 2016 and 0.282 in 125 games in 2017, showing good performance in elemental factors. After playing for KIA until 2018, he quit his active duty as an active player.

Recent examples include Hong Sang-sam and Ko Jong-wook. Hong, who was selected as a rising star but failed to display his talent, was released from Doosan after the 2019 season. However, he was called by Kia, which had been paying attention to his potential, and played a part in the team’s bullpen, playing in 57 games in 2020 and 49 games in 2021. He had 29 holds for two years.

Ko Jong-wook is evaluated as a successful recruitment of Kia and he is still playing for the team. Ko Jong-wook, who boasts sophisticated batting skills but was released from the SSG after the 2021 season, has joined hands with Kia ahead of the 2022 season. He did not have high expectations until he joined the team, but he has become an indispensable player in the roster as a pinch-hitter specialist in every crisis. He had a batting average of 0.283 in 2022 and brilliant at a critical moment last year, posting a batting average of 0.296 in 114 games, playing as an altoran. Ko could have ended his career without Kia’s invitation, but he eventually exercised his FA status and signed a two-year contract of 500 million won (approx.

Attention is now focusing on whether it will be Seo’s turn. Seo was a star player who became the first player with 200 hits in the KBO League history in 2014 when he was a member of the Nexen Heroes to become the MVP of the regular season. His batting average in 1,256 games in the KBO League has reached 0.297, and he has been widely known for his ability to produce hits. However, his batting average and defense have continued to decline. In 2021, LG recruited him as a contractor, but he fell short of expectations, and his position in the team continued to narrow down. He only played in 44 games in the first division last year.

Then, he voluntarily asked the team to release him for more opportunities, and Kia reached out to him after closely monitoring his winter training performance. The team signed a contract worth 120 million won (120,000 U.S. dollars), including 50 million won (54,940 dollars) in annual salary and 70 million won (70,037 dollars) in incentives. For now, Kia has added another left-handed batter that can be used in the infield field to the extent that its spending is not significant. There are some promising infielders within its team that are growing, but they are not a constant number just yet. Kia, which has to run to win the championship right now, could not rely on variables. On the other hand, we hope that Kim Sun-bin and Seo will serve as pillars of growth for promising players.

As he has to play in the main league to meet the requirements, the guaranteed amount is only 50 million won (approx. Seo joined his team’s spring camp, which started in Canberra, Australia on Sunday, and is sweating profusely. He clearly has lower defense capability than before. In the end, he has to bet on his batting performance, which is his specialty. As he is highly likely to give younger players a chance at the same price, he should prove that he has better performance than younger players. Personally, if he makes a comeback this year, he will be able to exercise his FA qualification at last. Attention is focusing on whether Seo, who returned to his hometown, will be able to continue his successful career as Kia’s release date.

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