“Ryu Hyun-jin Flower” Alek Manoa is expected to stay with the Toronto Blue Jays.

MLB Network Insider John Morossi wrote on his SNS on the 1st (Korea Standard Time), “Teams are
I asked Toronto about Manoah’s possible trade, but according to sources, Toronto informed them that they had no plans to trade him.”마카오토토도메인

Morosi added, “I heard Manoa trained very well in the offseason. He is expected to be included in Toronto’s rotation.”

Toronto reportedly said in November last year that it could trade Manoah.

Some media outlets said they negotiated with the Los Angeles Angels and San Diego Padres, but the deal did not materialize.

Manoah was the team’s first starter in the 2023 season, so good that he finished third in the 2022 Cy Young Award voting, but after a slump, he had three wins and nine losses and a 5.87 ERA.

As a result, Toronto reportedly sought to trade Manoah. However, MLBTR speculated that the team seemed to give up the trade when interested teams offered a bargain price.

“Considering the instability of the team’s depth and the fact that 60% of the current rotation has struggled to exceed the 5.00 ERA in one of the past two seasons, it is understandable that Toronto tries to maintain as many depth as possible,” MLBTR said. “Considering the teams’ proposals to buy Manoah at a bargain price, it is easy to see why Toronto decided to stay.”

“Of course, all transaction conditions are fluid. A transaction can be made with just one phone call. However, for now, Toronto seems to expect Manoah to play a role in the volatile rotation,” he added.

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