Ahead of the 2023 season, NCs power generation was significantly affected. As Noh left for free agent including Yang Eui-ji, who was considered "half of its power generation," some viewed it as a low-ranking power generation. However, NCs coach told him at the spring camp that he would become a dark horse. Confidence became a reality. He ranked fourth in the regular season and advanced to the playoff in the post season last year. He is no longer a dark horse. This year, he is confidently considering a major power.헤라카지노주소

NCs spring camp for the 2024 season began on Sunday (local time) at Enex Field in Tucson Reed Park, Arizona. Fortunately, the weather is nice. At last years camp, the team had a hard time due to abnormal weather conditions including snowfalls in Arizona, but heaven help. Players who participated in the first official training had excitement and high expectations.

“It was cold last year, but this year it’s so warm that I sweaty. It’s the perfect weather for sports,” coach Kang In-kwon told reporters at the training site. “When I come to the camp, I feel new and excited. I have high expectations. The most important thing is that our players perform well without any injuries during the camp.”

He took his first step for the 2024 season. Last year, he said he was a dark horse, but this year is different. He expressed his will to rise to the top as a team seeking the presidency from now on.

Asked if NC Dinos is a dark horse again this year, Kang said, “We made it to the playoffs last year, but it’s not a dark horse (laughs),” adding, “There are some parts that are not easy to predict this year. However, because we made good results last year, the players must have confidence and have new goals. I hope that with the results that we achieved last year, we can renew our commitment to go to higher ground.” “We will do our best to prepare for higher ground and the Korean Series,” he added.

Then, what is the most important task for this camp? Emphasizing the basics, such as players’ physical strength, conditioning, and tactical training for teams by part, he cited forming an indigenous starting lineup as his top priority. Kim Young-kyu and Kim Si-hoon, who solidly guarded the mound as bullpen pitchers last year, are among the candidates for the starting lineup.

“I think we need to produce results in basic areas such as the players’ physical strength and physical condition that can withstand a single season, and the team’s tactical training that needs to be applied this season,” Kang said. “More than anything else, we need to organize the starting lineup in Korea well. We are considering Kim Young-kyu and Kim Si-hoon.”

I had a lot of thoughts. Both Kim Young-kyu and Kim Si-hoon performed well in the bullpen. “Actually, I had difficulties converting Kim Young-kyu and Kim Si-hoon to starters. I liked him in the bullpen, but I was worried about what if it doesn’t work,” he said. “However, I decided that I should do it at least once in the past 11 years.” He pointed out that NC Dinos only have two to three pitchers with 10 or more wins.

“First of all, the two players have experience as starters, and if the NC Dinosaurs want to perform well in higher positions in the future, native starters are the most important players. I believe that if they grow well, they will become stronger,” he said. “As I keep saying, finding a stable starting pitcher is my biggest task. I couldn’t solve that homework even last year. I hope I can solve that homework a little bit this year.”

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