How will the remaining contract of former KIA Tigers coach Kim Jong-guk (51), who is accused of breach of trust and others, be handled.

Former manager Kim Jong-guk attended the Seoul Central District Court on Thursday to be questioned along with former KIA general manager Jang Jung-seok. It is the first time in the history of professional baseball that a former team executive and a manager are under warrant examination for personal irregularities. Yoo Chang-hoon, a senior judge at the Seoul Central District Court, rejected the need for arrest of Kim and Jang, but the team decided that the matter was serious and terminated the contract with Kim a day earlier.월카지노주소

Prior to this, the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said, “We requested an arrest warrant for Jang Jung-seok, former KIA general manager, and Kim Jong-guk on charges of breach of trust and other charges on the 24th.” In March last year, Jang was dismissed and referred to the disciplinary committee for demanding back money during the free agent negotiations of catcher Park Dong-won (LG Twins). Former coach Kim Jong-guk is known to have received rebates from the club’s advertising company (Coffee). When asked by reporters whether he admitted the charges before undergoing a warrant review, Kim remained silent. Whether the money received is paid is expected to be the core of the legal dispute.

Attention is focusing on the remaining processing of the contract. Kim Jong-guk, who was appointed as the 10th Tigers coach in December 2021, has been guaranteed a three-year contract (total of 1.05 billion won). Details are 300 million won (320 million U.S. dollars) in down payment and 250 million won in annual salary. Considering that it is the last year of the contract, the remaining balance that the team has to pay to Kim is 250 million won (270,000 dollars), equivalent to the 2024 annual salary. If the manager is replaced, the team has to preserve the remaining contract. However, there is room for interpretation of termination of the contract.

This is the part that KIA is agonizing over. Former coach Kim Jong-guk’s bribery scandal has occurred, but charges have not been confirmed. Even if the court goes to trial, the possibility of acquittal cannot be ignored. The presumption of innocence should also be applied until proven guilty. If the coach fails to pay the remaining salary by asking the reason attributable to him, he could end up in a lawsuit. “We have not discussed this issue in detail (related to the payment of annual salary). If the coach is acquitted (of failing to pay annual salary due to termination of the contract), there could be a legal dispute. That is why he applied the issue of damaging his dignity (first),” he said. “If the coach fails to pay annual salary, it could be unfair from the coach’s point of view.”

However, Kia plans to quickly take steps to select its next coach. Regardless of whether he is innocent or not, former coach Kim Jong-guk has concluded that he cannot lead the team. “I think we need to quickly take care of it,” KIA’s general manager Shim Jae-hak said. “I feel a great responsibility for this matter and will make every effort to improve the process of selecting coaches and coaching staff and to educate club members on compliance so as not to repeat my mistakes again. In addition, we will take follow-up measures to ensure that the team’s management can normalize quickly in the future,” the team said.

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