Jordan, which barely joined the round of 16 as the third wild card in Group E, beat Iraq, which ranked first in Group D. At a showdown in the round of 16 held on Monday (Korea time), the team won 3-2, after a come-from-behind match. The team will compete with Tajikistan, which was the first to clinch the quarterfinals, on Feb. 2.라바카지노도메인

Jordan made Group E of the tournament’s group league. It got off to a very good start. It crushed Malaysia, led by Coach Kim Pan-gon, 4-0. It also performed well in the second match against Korea. The team tied the match 2-2 by chilling the blood of the Taegeuk Warriors. However, in the third match, it shook hands. It played a dominant role against Bahrain, but lost the match, 0-1.

Korea ranked third in Group E with one win, one draw, and one loss and four points. It secured a wild card to advance to the round of 16. It met Iraq, the leader of Group D, in the round of 16. Iraq has won three consecutive Group D matches. It defeated Indonesia, led by coach Shin Tae-yong, 3-1 in the first match, and beat Japan, a strong contender, 2-1 in the second match. In the third match, it defeated Vietnam, 3-2, to create a flawless report card in the group league.

Jordan was expected to be lagging behind in terms of group performance and objective performance. When I opened the lid, however, it was different. Jordan displayed fast counterattacks and strikers’ individual skills to equalize with Iraq from the beginning of the match. In extra time in the first half, one-top Yazan Al-Naimat scored the first goal. He intercepted the opponent team’s missed pass and scored the goal calmly. 

However, taking the lead and entering into a mode to solidify too quickly became a cause of controversy. He gave up the typical position by thickening the defensive wall, and lost points in a row in the middle of the second half due to Iraq’s offensive. He showed a passive attitude to keep the lead, but lost the game 1-2. Fortunately, Iraqi striker Aimen Hussein, who scored the come-from-behind goal, gained a numerical advantage by displaying accumulated warnings after playing an unnecessary goal.

He did not miss the opportunity. He scored two goals in the extra time of the second half, dramatically turning the tables. With seven minutes to add to the second half, he scored consecutive points in the 50th minute of the second half and the 52nd minute of the second half to complete an unbelievable come-from-behind drama. The ambush, which barely advanced to the round of 16 as the third place in the group, caused an upset and occupied the quarterfinals.

Along with Jordan’s victory in the match against Iraq, other teams in Group E are also drawing keen attention. Korea and Bahrain will play their matches in the round of 16 strongest teams on Saturday. Korea, ranking second in Group E, will face Saudi Arabia, ranking first in Group F, while Bahrain, ranking first in Group E, will face Japan, ranking second in Group D to advance to the quarterfinals. Attention is focusing on whether Korea and Bahrain will also be able to inherit Jordan’s winning power.

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