The KIA Tigers are enduring the aftermath of the alleged bribery scandal involving former coach Kim Jong-kook. Kia plans to appoint Cha Ki as its managerial contract was terminated as soon as news of the actual review of the arrest warrant was made public. With opinions divided over the possibility of internal promotion and recruitment from outside, attention is focusing on coach Lee Jong-beom, who became free this winter.헤라카지노주소

On Jan. 29, the KIA team suspended manager Kim Jong-kook from his duties on the 28th, and confirmed through its own investigation today that Kim Jong-kook is currently a suspect and is under investigation by the prosecution on charges of “delegation.” Regardless of the results of the prosecution’s investigation, the team decided to terminate the contract with manager Kim Jong-kook, judging that it was an act of “damage to the dignity.” The team officially announced that it will appoint a successor as soon as possible.

Kim Jong-guk is known to have received bribes from a club sponsor. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Major Crimes Investigation Division (chief prosecutor Lee Il-kyu), which is investigating allegations of money behind Jang Jong-seok, filed for arrest warrants against Kim Jong-guk and Jang Jong-seok on Jan. 24. Former coach Kim Jong-guk and Jang Jong-seok will attend the substantive examination of the arrest warrant to be held on Jan. 30 morning and wait for their decision on whether to arrest them.

With the KIA team departing for the Canberra Spring Camp in Australia on Jan. 30, former coach Kim Jong-kook was set to depart for Australia with his team’s coaching staff on Jan. 29, a day earlier than that. However, Kia officially announced that it had suspended its managerial duties. Naturally, former coach Kim Jong-kook failed to board his plane to Australia on Jan. 29.

For the time being, Kia’s spring camp will be hosted by Jin Gap-yong, its chief coach. After deciding to terminate the contract with former coach Kim Jong-guk, Kia started processing to appoint a new coach. Of course, no one knows how long it will take to appoint a new coach. Moreover, with the formation of the team’s coaching staff for the 2024 season already confirmed, it is difficult for a new coach to form a team that suits his taste. Complex counting methods are inevitably at play in many ways.

Kia should set its direction between internal promotion and recruitment from outside with the next head coach. Considering that the team’s power and coaching staff have already been formed and the spring camp schedule is set to begin, internal promotion is expected to be the most likely option. There is also a good chance that a relatively young leader with good internal evaluation of the team will be chosen unexpectedly.

Of course, recruitment from outside is also expected to be left open as an option. A group of candidates for coaches who have experience as head coaches of the KBO League will be on the rise. However, some say that a charismatic head coach is needed to induce strong internal solidarity at a time when the team atmosphere is greatly shaken. If the team is aligned with that direction, Tigers legend Lee Jong-beom could also be a candidate for the next head coach.

Coach Lee Jong-beom ended his active career with Kia in 2012 and began his career as a coach with the Hanwha Eagles in 2013. Since then, coach Lee Jong-beom, who has built up knowledge outside the baseball stadium as a commentator, started his career as an on-field coach again after joining the LG Twins from the 2019 season.

In the 2023 season, coach Lee Jong-beom spent one season as the LG Twins’ first operations coach. Coach Lee Jong-beom, who helped his team win the title for the first time in 29 years, was thrilled to win the title for his team as a leader. Coach Lee Jong-beom left his team to train in the U.S. Major League after the end of the 2023 season. The move is also related to his son Lee Jung-hoo’s advance to the Major League. He also started studying baseball to support Lee and to convey a greater meaning in the future.

Coincidentally, coach Lee Jong-beom, who became free this winter, suddenly had the opportunity to become the coach of his former KIA team. For Lee, who has achieved most of the goals he can achieve as a player and a leader, one remaining challenge is to become a first-team coach. It is also significant that Haitai and KIA legends return to their hometowns as coaches for their last dreams to become coaches.

I wonder if coach Lee Jong-beom will be able to stand in front of KIA fans again in the Tigers uniform for the first time in 12 years.

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