Coach Xavi Hernandez seems to have been trusted within the FC Barcelona squad despite his poor performance.마카오카지노도메인

Xavi has decided to resign. He expressed his intention to step down after suffering an unexpected 3-5 defeat against Villarreal in the 22nd round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2023-24 season on the 28th. The defeat widened Barcelona’s point gap with the leader Real Madrid by more than 10 points.

He does not immediately put down his baton. After entering the press conference after the game against Villarreal, Xavi began his remarks rather than asking questions, “I have something to tell you first.” His shocking remarks continued. “I decided to leave on June 30. As a Barcelona fan, I cannot accept the current situation. Things have to change and I feel a strong sense of responsibility,” he said.

Xavi has decided to leave his hometown Barcelona for the first time in two years and six months. He has been labeled as a failure as he failed to fulfill the contract period that he signed until 2025. Xavi has been called a troubleshooter whenever Barcelona faced crisis. Under the leadership of former coach Ernesto Valverde and Ronald Koeman, who took over the helm, Xavi’s name was mentioned if Barcelona was even slightly shaken. Back then, Xavi had always tried hard to recruit players even when he was just a rookie coach after finishing his playing career at Al-Sad in Qatar.

As such, coach Xavi has taken a significant part in Barcelona’s history. As a former Barcelona youth player and played 767 games in the main league alone, Xavi was called the core of traditional tiki-taka. As the nickname “pass master” suggests, he was in charge of developing offense as the commander in the ground. In line with Xavi’s heyday, Barcelona has won 27 trophies in total, including eight La Liga titles.

Above all, he was a player who fulfilled Barcelona’s philosophy the best. He made significant achievements as a maestro of play by boosting market share with short and fast passes, which is the color of Barcelona. Having experienced many masters who led Barcelona’s heyday, he had high expectations that he would become a master when he transformed into a leader after retirement due to his ability to understand various tactics.

It accepted Barcelona’s offer to love him in 2021. It was a time when former coach Koeman took charge of Barcelona and thus the Tiki-taka tradition was slightly blurred. High-ranking Barcelona officials insisted on maintaining their philosophy, and Xavi signed OK. As a legendary figure, Xavi strengthened his rules as soon as he arrived here. “If there are rules, you don’t have to go through coaching staff,” he told reporters in his inauguration. “Rules have good performance when there are rules. Rules are order,” he said.

In order to change Barcelona, the staff arrived 90 minutes before the training two hours before the training, and it was reported that if the penalty system was revived at the training site, the team would double the number of fines, 48 hours before the game, the ability to ban outside activities, the evaluation of life outside the game, the prohibition of dangerous hobbies, and the image of professional players were also established.

Xavi made a good start by living up to expectations. He hurriedly took the helm during the 2021-22 season when he was ranking ninth in La Liga, and elevated his team to the runner-up, signaling a possibility of success. He also became the winning coach last season in his second year since taking office. Barcelona had not lost the lead in La Liga from the beginning, but regained the top spot in the league for the first time in four years by banking on its solid defense rather than stellar offense. At the Super Cup, he won the title by beating rival Real Madrid in the final.

The prevailing opinion was that legendary coach Xavi saved Barcelona, which had been falling after losing its reputation. Barcelona had a hard time during a period away from winning the title in La Liga. As his finances were dealt a blow due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), he had to let go of Lionel Messi, who represented his team. Messi was not the only one. He sent Antoine Griezmann, who had spent a lot of money to Atletico Madrid on loan.

The squad did not match Barcelona’s name value. Watchers say that the team naturally lacked competitiveness, but as the team won the La Liga title without any difficulties, Xavi had great trust in him. He aimed to win the UEFA Champions League this season to take it step by step. Although he won the La Liga last season, he was eliminated in the group stage of the Champions League. What was even more humiliating was that he lost to Manchester United in the Europa League, but he could not survive for a long time.

Barcelona started this season strong, giving full control to Xavi, but failed to maintain its leadership for a long time. Since the beginning of the season, the team has frequently lost points, moving away from the lead. It was also fatal that it missed the El Clasico derby with Real Madrid in succession, as well as a simple loss. Barcelona, which lost to Jude Bellingham just before the end of the game, lost to Real Madrid again this month.

The gap widened to shock the rival team. It suffered a humiliating 1-4 defeat to Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup held in Saudi Arabia recently. Rumors have it that Xavi will be sacked in earnest. Barcelona’s leadership showed support.

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