Coach Kim Pan-gon of Malaysia, who served as chairman of the Korea Football Association’s national team selection committee in the past, fired a blow to the Korea Football Association, which had shown the utmost incompetence in shoddy administration and appointment of a coach. Perhaps he also gave harsh advice to Coach Jürgen Klinsmann through the draw.라바카지노도메인

The South Korean national soccer team (23rd in the FIFA rankings), led by coach Klinsmann, tied Malaysia (130th in the FIFA rankings) 3-3 in the final Group E match of the 2023 Asian Cup Qatar at Al-Zanub Stadium in Al-Wakra, Qatar, at 8:30 p.m. on the 25th (Korea time).

Korea struggled against the “weakest” Malaysia. After scoring the first goal, Korea allowed consecutive runs and suffered a reversal. Afterwards, they scored two goals again to take the lead, and remained in a draw as they lost just before the end of extra time in the second half. Not only the simple score but also the overall performance was “messy.”

As a result, Saudi Arabia ranked second in Group E and its opponent in the round of 16 was Saudi Arabia, not Japan. Perhaps, it should be considered as a relief. Japan has displayed equally hopeless performance in this year’s event, but if Korea continues to show the same performance as it has now, it could face another “great devastation.” The Korean team avoided a match against Japan in the round of 16, and the tournament results became easier than those in the opposite group.

The problem is that they are experiencing such a serious slump in the Asian Cup, not even the World Cup. Korea, which only made the World Cup last 16 in December 2022, has fallen too steeply now, a year later. At the center of it is the Korea Football Association and Coach Klinsmann. And Coach Kim Pan-gon, who is at the helm of Malaysia, clearly recognized the draw on the day

When head coach Kim Pan-gon was chairman of the Korea Football Association’s national team selection committee, the choice was Paulo Bento. Of course, there were concerns and criticism at the beginning of the appointment, but it was understood through a clear background of the appointment.

At the time, Chairman Kim Pan-gon said in a press conference on the appointment of the coach, “Coach Bento was the most impressive coach we interviewed. I asked him to bring in all the coaching staff, and he was accompanied by all the coaching staff,” and “Coach Bento talked a lot to us during the meeting with us as he prepared an analysis of the 2018 Russia World Cup finals and preparations. He added his football philosophy to talk about what he would fix,” “Coach Bento asked us a lot of questions, including training preparations, and we answered him. We evaluated him as a competent coach,” and “I could feel confident during the interview.” At the end of the interview, he asked why it was important to come to Korea, and Bento was confident that Korea would perform better in the World Cup.”

“Our committee set the standard high enough to make it burdensome. That’s why it was all the more difficult work,” he said in closing remarks. “However, as the Korea Football Association is the representative organization of Korean soccer, I set the standard high because I thought it should raise the public’s self-esteem.”

Kim Pan-gon’s choice was a success. Bento continued his four years through solid colors: build-up soccer. And at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he made it to the round of 16, ranking second in the group of Death against Portugal, Uruguay, and Ghana. It was the first time in 12 years since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

The revival of Korean soccer came and came, but the Korea Football Association returned to its original state after Chairman Kim Pan-gon left. He chose Klinsmann as the leader to succeed Bento, a completely unconvincing appointment.

Michael Mueller, the head of the reinforcement committee that spearheaded the appointment of Klinsmann, only said in a press conference that he could not give a particular answer on five criteria (professionalism, experience as a coach, motivation as a coach, coordination with the team, and environmental factors). Since then, there has been the incompetent Korea Football Association.

The departure of the Klinsmann, which began with doubts. Coach Klinsmann emphasized “autonomy” over systematic soccer and led the national team amid controversy over his frequent overseas trips. He also reported his first win very late, and he could not confirm his identity even ahead of the Asian Cup. The so-called “Do Me Soccer” was the color of soccer that represented Coach Klinsmann.

For Klinsmann, who confidently said, “Winning is my goal,” it was a performance with no evidence at all. South Korea allowed consecutive runs in three group matches, and remained in draws against Jordan and Malaysia.

Thanks to Kim Pan-gon, the Korean national team and the Korea Football Association (KFA) were able to better reveal their bare faces. “I still think that Korea has the best quality ever. I controlled and dominated everything. We learned, felt and learned a lot from the best teams in Asia,” Kim said at a press conference. “Korea was a very difficult opponent. It completely dominated the game. The players were amazing. Korea usually struggles to secure compact defense in face-to-face confrontations with weak teams. However, I believe that they will become champions.” However, he also gave unspoken pressure with his strong advice of a no-decision.

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