With the expiration of Ra Gun-ah’s contract, a special naturalized player, Ahn Joon-ho left his view that selecting a naturalized player to replace the position is the top priority in the future.

The men’s basketball team, which will start anew under coach Ahn Joon-ho, will play the 2025 FIBA (International Basketball Federation) Asia Cup Qualifier (Window 1) against Australia (away) on February 22 and Thailand (away) on the 25th.마카오카지노도메인

The national team announced 24 preliminary entries on Sunday, and plans to finalize the final entry through future discussions. Chances are high that the final entry will be announced on May 29 or 30 at the earliest.

Naturalized player Ra Gun-ah also made a preliminary entry. Right after the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games last year, Ra Gun-ah hinted at retirement from the national team and speculated that he would be excluded from Windows 1. However, the contract between Ra Gun-ah, the Korea Basketball Association, and his team Busan KCC is valid through May 31. Unless it is due to injury, there is no reason to be excluded from the national team.

The match against Thailand, which will be held at Wonju Gymnasium, will be the last national competition before the contract between Ra Gun-ah and the Korea Basketball Association expires. Considering the age and size of the contract, it could be Ra Gun-ah’s farewell match for the national team.

In order for the team to boost its international competitiveness, it should prepare after Ra Gun-ah. Didrick Lawson, who is leading the Wonju DB this season, said, “I am willing to accept it if I get an offer to naturalize myself. Seeing Ronde Hollis Jefferson play for the Jordan national team, I thought I would like to experience the international stage as a representative of a country,” but no progress has been made since then.

Coach Ahn Joon-ho also said, “There are no clear measures yet for naturalized players after Ra Gun-ah. It is something that should have been discussed earlier. I think the Korea Basketball Association and the KBL should discuss it together from now on.”

“There are several teams with less international competitiveness than Korea that have naturalized players,” coach Ahn Jun-ho said. “Among them, I will take them to international competitions considering their conditions and conditions. As the flow of international basketball is gradually changing, naturalized players are absolutely necessary. If a foreign player is picked incorrectly, it would be difficult to select professional basketball players. I think it is a top priority to enhance international competitiveness.”

As Ra Gun-ah did in 2018, the Korea Basketball Association should start working on recruiting naturalized players. In addition to financial consultations such as training fees, participation allowances and salaries, administrative procedures are difficult. The Korea Basketball Association should request the Korean Olympic Committee to special naturalize in talented people. The process will be completed only when the Korean Olympic Committee recommends special naturalization to the Ministry of Justice after deliberation, and the Ministry of Justice approves it. Will there be a naturalized player who succeeds Ra Gun-ah to join the national team that lost its pride at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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