With the side arm, right-handed pitcher Choi Won-tae (27, LG Twins) smiles with a smile.

With Ko Young-pyo’s multi-year contract as a non-free agent (FA) is nearing, the game is expected to change in the FA market in 2025. Clubs that want to reinforce their starting lineup should consider other options. Choi Won-tae is definitely drawing attention. “Of course, how we play this season is important. However, decreasing competition sales is an opportunity for players. It is supply and demand that determines the price of compensation,” he said. “If Ko does not appear in the FA market (although his pitching style is different), it will be beneficial for Choi Won-tae.”헤라카지노주소

Choi Won-tae will become an FA after the 2024 season. After graduating from Seoul High School, he joined Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom) as the first candidate in 2015 and made his debut in the first division in 2016. He has won double-digit wins for three consecutive years since 2017, becoming the representative of KBO League. LG, which challenged for the unified championship in July last year, recruited him through a trade, proving his high value. He has 69 wins (51 losses) in overall wins, ahead of Ko Young-pyo, who has won 55 (50 losses). He is also six years younger than Ko Young-pyo, who joined the Dongkuk University as a college graduate.

However, his pace has not been good lately. He has had no double-digit win since 2019. Since joining the LG Twins last year, he has been sluggish with nine appearances and an earned run average of 6.70. In the second game of the Korean Series against KT Wiz, he had difficulties allowing two hits, two outs, and four runs in one third of an inning. LG won the title overall for the first time in 29 years, but he couldn’t just smile.

On the other hand, Ko has elevated his reputation as an ace player for the Korean national team through various international competitions including the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the 2023 World Baseball Classic. With the rise of the league, he has gained an upper hand in evaluations. If he joins the FA market, he will inevitably lose ground in recruitment priorities. However, as Ko Young-pyo agreed on a multi-year contract as a non-FA, he will be able to enjoy the benefit of reflection.

LG, which is close to salary cap, has a narrow range of movements in the FA market. It is unclear whether a large long-term contract will be made. If a transfer is made to a professional baseball FA contract, the size of compensation will be determined according to the player’s grade (A-C grade). The amount of compensation is based on annual salary. LG confirmed that Choi Won-tae’s annual salary will be raised by 50 million won (14.3%) from the previous year to 400 million won in 2024. In terms of performance alone, he is subject to a cut, but analysts say that he may have prepared for his transfer based on the increase.

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