Harry Kane, who left Tottenham Hotspur to join Bayern Munich in Germany, is jealous of his old team’s emergency.

Kane was the most prolific scorer (280 goals) in Tottenham history, and has become a living legend of the club since he was a youngster. He is the trophy.라바카지노도메인

Tottenham had never won an official competition since the 2007-2008 League Cup. At that time, Kane was a young player who was playing for youth. Since then, Tottenham has created a masterpiece called Kane, but it was far from winning an official competition until he turned 30.

Consequently, Kane left Tottenham where he had played for about 20 years including his youth career. He moved beyond Germany to Munich, the strongest team in Europe. Kane, who has displayed his skills and skills as a striker in England’s history, has scored 26 goals and eight assists in 24 games, and is poised to completely subdue the Bundesliga.

However, as if Kane’s “zero energy” was being delivered, he has suffered two shock defeats in recent years and has been sluggish.

Munich is currently performing unbecoming of the title of German powerhouse.

In the league, the team is lagging far behind Bayer Leverkusen by seven points and only ranking second. At the DfB Pokal Cup, the German FA Cup suffered a shocking “disappointment” as it lost to Saarbürken in the third division 1-2 in the second round. Kane challenged for the trophy as a substitute in the second half at the Super Cup, which took place right after moving to Munich, but suffered a crushing 0-3 defeat against Leipzig.

On the 21st, Munich and Kane lost to Werder Bremen, the lower-ranked team in the league, 0-1, losing face as Germany’s strong team. Kane attempted three shots in the game, but only one led to a shot on goal, leaving a deep regret.

On the other hand, Tottenham, which left Kane, is making strides. Despite the loss of its flagship striker last summer, it used Son as its central striker under the leadership of newly appointed coach Ange Postecoglou to maintain scoring capacity and, unlike previous coaches who pursued defense-oriented tactics, tried to display strong attack capacity by using fullbacks to actively participate in attacks.

Until the season, there was a public expectation that Kane’s departure would be fatal to Tottenham, but he also got off to a fresh start by overturning them all and winning the first 10 games of the league.

Although the main resources were out of power due to injuries and disciplinary actions at the halfway point of the season, they are not struggling much, and they are currently cruising in fifth place, just three points behind Manchester City (Manchester City), which is second in the league.

A joked prediction emerged that Kane would feel jealous in this contradictory appearance.

Sutton, a soccer expert with the British public broadcaster “BBC” and a “human octopus” who was recognized for his success in predicting many matches during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, appeared on the soccer podcast “It’s All Kicking Off” run by “Daily Mail” on the 22nd and said, “Maybe Kane is watching Tottenham’s soccer and looking at what the hell is going on,” adding, “I think he is a little jealous.”

“Munich lost again last weekend,” host Ian Ladyman said. “It is seven points behind Leverkusen. Harry, it is time to come home,” jokingly suggesting Kane’s return to England.

She even sprinkled more salt on the wound. “It’s time to come back home now that the German Cup is over,” Ladyman said. “I will never win a medal in Munich. Come back to Tottenham.”

Kane has good reason to return to England. This is because he has to break the record of the most goalscorers in the Premier League history.

Although it is difficult to see Kane break Allen Shearer’s record for most goals scored by moving to Bayern Munich, Germany, last summer, he is the one who came closest to his record by dedicating himself to Tottenham. Kane is currently the second-ranked player in history to score 213 goals.

Kane could cross Shearer’s record if he returned to England after ending his life in Munich.

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