South Korea’s national soccer team, led by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), has been raised to confirm the round of 16 early before the third leg of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup against Malaysia.월카지노

Klinsmann will play the last third match of the Asian Cup group stage against Malaysia at 8:30 p.m. on the 25th (Korea time) at Al-Zanub Stadium in Al-Wakra, Qatar.

Korea is tying with Jordan with one win and one draw (four points). The Korean team is ranking second in the group, behind Jordan (+4) in terms of gains and losses.

In the second match against Jordan on the 20th, he sought to secure the top spot in the group and the early round of 16, but after a hard-working match, he only won one point with a dramatic 2-2 draw.

The round of 16 and the final ranking will be determined through the match against Malaysia.

However, due to the results of the previous group, there is a possibility of reaching the round of 16 early regardless of the results of the Group E match.

In this tournament, not only the first and second places in each group but also the top four teams among the third places in the group advance to the tournament. In other words, if a higher ranking than the bottom two teams is confirmed, the team will know whether it will advance to the round of 16 before the third place in Group F is decided.

On Monday, the Palestinians secured the third place in Group C with four points by garnering a landslide 3-0 victory over Hong Kong. They advanced to the round of 16 by ranking higher than China (2 points) and Syria (4 points) in Group A, which have already secured the third place in their group.

Syria, which beat India 1-0 on the 23rd, also reached the round of 16 for the first time ever. This is thanks to the situation in Group D, where the game is scheduled.

Syria finished third in Group B with ‘4 points’ and ‘0 goal difference’.

Japan (3, goal difference 1) and Indonesia (3, goal difference -1) will have a showdown at 8:30 p.m. on Monday, with the losing team trailing Syria in points. If the two teams draw, Indonesia will lose to Syria in goal difference.

As a result, Syria confirmed the round of 16 early.

South Korea can also make it to the tournament before the match against Malaysia as a result of the matches against Japan and Indonesia.

Korea has four points before the third game.

If Japan loses or Indonesia loses, one of the two teams will finish the group stage with only three points and a lower point than Korea.

At this time, Korea will have an advantage over China, Japan, or Indonesia, which were eliminated, and succeed in advancing to the round of 16 early in the group’s third place.

South Korea is aiming for its first championship in 64 years after winning the second championship in 1960. Even if it is confirmed that it will advance to the round of 16 early, it will not be swayed and should focus on gaining momentum with its victory over Malaysia.

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