Korea, which was a barren place for winter sports, is providing dreams and hopes to overseas youth athletes with the opportunity of the PyeongChang Olympics.

Tunisian athletes from the snowless country learned sledding in Korea and are participating in the Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics.마카오토토


“Cool Running,” a film about the touching Olympic challenge of Jamaican bobsledders.

There are three bobsledders from Tunisia in Pyeongchang this winter.

It’s been a year since I officially rode a sled with the help of the Pyeongchang Memorial Foundation, which is run with the proceeds of the Olympics.

While shivering in the winter cold of Pyeongchang, which is 20 degrees lower than my hometown, I am very proud that Tunisia has taken its first step on the Olympic stage.

[Beya Mokrani/Tunisian bobsled national team: “Tunisians are proud of us. It doesn’t feel real right now.”]

Life in the athletes’ village is also fun.

Jonathan writes his Korean name in his calligraphy and enjoys the tournament itself by playing basketball games with volunteers.

[Jonathan Laurimi: “Of course I’m better!”]

Beya and Sophie finished 10th and 12th in the women’s single.

However, for the athletes who became pioneers in Tunisian winter sports, they are more grateful for Korea than they are for their performance.

[Sophie Gorbal/Tunisia national bobsleigh team: “Thank you to the Pyeongchang Memorial Foundation for giving me the opportunity to train in Korea. Thank you for playing as a bobsleigh player.”]

Thailand’s Campeol, who was trained in Korea with Tunisian athletes, came in second, becoming the first winter Olympic medalist in Thailand’s history.

[Campéol Agnes/Thai national bobsleigh team: “I’m so proud to make history for Thailand’s Winter Youth Olympics.”]

Once a winter sports barren country, Korea is now presenting new dreams and hopes to teenagers who grew up in a ‘snowless country.’

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