There’s nothing the association can do. It’s often upsetting, but it’s a reality.”

It was last year. A parent who had heard the remark that the schools athletic department would be disbanded just before the entrance exam for high school after the boys sports competition ended requested the school`s management system. It was a cry of anger that there was nowhere to complain, to break down dreams, or to listen to the passion of young people who had never seen one.헤라카지노

The association said, “We were also notified all of a sudden.” “The authority to disband the school athletic department and appoint a leader is all at the discretion of the principal. The association has no way of doing so, as the education ministry’s policy is like that. There are more than one or two places where such a thing happened,” he said with a mixed expression.

Jang Mi-ran, the second vice minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is visiting ssireum classes after a business agreement ceremony between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism-Gyeonggi Office of Education-Korea Ssireum Association in July last year. Photo | Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

“This is an inevitable choice given the school’s management,” the principal of the school said. It costs a lot of money to maintain the athletic department, but the results are insignificant. The college entrance rate is competitive, and if the results of national competitions are not guaranteed, government subsidies will also be reduced. It is a choice for schools.” Student athletes who will be pushed out of school when they are about to enter high school have already been excluded from consideration. Eventually, the athletic department was disbanded and the student athletes scattered.

Even before the shock, another school news came. It is a prestigious handball team and a place that produced star players, and the newly appointed principal announced that he would disband to switch to another sport. “I think it is better to run an athletic department that can be helpful to the school, such as golf,” the principal explained to his parents.

Deoksu High School and Konkuk University were also in danger of losing their baseball teams. Students and leaders are on the verge of losing their livelihoods due to one-way traffic to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and university presidents. Some argue that “student athletes should also study,” but school education is not limited to “sitting at a desk and digging into textbooks.”

Sports Seoul’s exclusive coverage of the “replacement of all leaders of the sports department in Baejae” represents the mess faced by the Korean school sports department.

Culture and Sports Minister Yoo In-chon (center, right) is visiting the ski resort of High1 Resort on the 13th and looking around the main facilities of the competition. Photograph | Gangwon Land

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently announced the “Basic Plan for Promotion of School Sports,” stressing that it will strengthen support for potential student athletes to grow into professional athletes. It also said that it will form a policy consultative body with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, the regional education office and the regional sports council to discover policies and discuss pending issues to revitalize school sports.

It would be meaningful to discover policies, but we need to correct the structural turmoil in which the existence of the school sports department is determined by the words of those who are ignorant of sports. Even at this moment, numerous student athletes are being pushed out of school because of adult irresponsibility.

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