Former AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho (61) is still drawing keen attention. Although he was disgracedly replaced by Serie A’s AS Roma last week, Mourinho’s popularity in the European soccer recruitment market is still hot. Former coach Mourinho, who is already reported to be linked to several teams, was seen in an unexpected place. Perhaps he is hinting at the next destination. It was Barcelona Airport in Spain that Mourinho appeared. It is the place and time that makes many speculations come out.

British media Daily Star reported on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time) that “Mourinho’s arrival at Barcelona Airport is spreading rumors that he will return to the manager position.” It is still a happening that shows that Mourinho’s popularity as a “manager” has not cooled down.월카지노도메인

Mourinho suffered from being fired about a week ago. The AS Roma club announced on its official channel on the 16th that Mourinho and his coaches would leave the club immediately. This is due to poor performance. As Mourinho entered his third year in office, AS Roma fell into a slump. It was ranked ninth in the league until the 20th round of this season. On the 15th, the day before the announcement of his dismissal, he also lost against AC Milan 1-3. This was the decisive blow.

Mourinho became a wild man again in two years and eight months after he was appointed as the 60th head coach of Rome in May 2021. It was a humble exit. Mourinho was once the most popular man in Rome. He won the Europa Conference League in the 2021-2022 season and the runner-up in the Europa League last season. Murals even appeared in the city.

However, the glory did not last long. He was mired in a slump again in his third year as a manager, and eventually lost his position. Despite this, Mourinho remains highly popular. Reports have it that many clubs have offered him a managerial position. The Daily Star said that despite his recent dismissal, Mourinho has been linked to many European clubs such as Newcastle, Barcelona, and Napoli. He also had a positive conversation with Saudi Arabian League club Yal Shabab, but it has been suspended.

In this situation, a sudden trip to Barcelona is enough to arouse various speculations. The prospect of a specific negotiation with Barcelona is gaining strength. This is because Barcelona is currently sluggish. It is already far from winning the league, and it is currently moving up and down the third and fourth places. If they are pushed out of the fourth place, they may not be able to make it to the UEFA Champions League next season. Therefore, there is a rumor that they may be appointed as a successor to current coach Xavi. Mourinho did not answer questions related to this at the airport. Attention is focusing on where the new destination of “Special One” will be.

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