Kieran Trippier has been linked with Bayern Munich.

Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert known for his signature phrase “Here we go,” focused on the transfer of Trippier on social media on the 19th (Korea time).월카지노도메인

Romano said, “Coach Thomas Tuchel has approved Trippier as a new right-back. The top target is Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Nordi Mukhielay, but Trippier has also emerged as an option. It is up to the dialogue between PSG and Newcastle United to conclude the deal.”

Florian Flettenberg, a German Sky Sports star and a well-known source in Munich, also pointed finger at Trippier. “Trippier recently received offers from several clubs including England. Munich also analyzed Trippier. The top priority is Mukielay, but not 100 percent. Talks and negotiations are continuing,” Flettenberg said.

Last season, Munich managed to secure Meisterschalle (winning the German Bundesliga). It defeated Dortmund in the final match of the league and became the champion. It would have been impossible if Mainz, led by Lee Jae-sung, had not caught Dortmund. Munich and Tuchel, which desperately worked hard to recruit and supply players ahead of the season’s opening, throughout the transfer market. They have significantly strengthened their capabilities by recruiting Kim Min-jae as center back and Harry Kane as the forward line.

However, defensive anxiety has been pointed out. The biggest problem is the center back. Only Kim Min-jae, who joined the team, is in stable condition, while his partners Dayo Upamecano and Matthijs the Licht are suffering from injuries alternately. Kim Min-jae has even been controversially abused.

“Kim Min-jae is guarding the defense. He made some serious mistakes at times. Am I expecting too much from him? Kim spent 959 minutes out of 11 matches and 990 minutes in the German Bundesliga and played full-time in all four UEFA Champions League matches. He also cannot recover on the A-match day,” he said.

“Kim Min-jae was nicknamed a ‘monster’. It spread rapidly after winning the Scudetto (winning the Italian Serie A title) with Napoli last season. However, the situation he is facing in Munich implies a new challenge. He is the only player among the three central defenders who are constantly maintaining physical strength. Matthijs the Licht is sidelined due to a torn medial ligament in his right knee, and Dayo Upamecano suffered from a thigh injury until recently,” he pointed out.

“Kim Min-jae is always participating. He had to do that because he always had to. The only game that Kim Min-jae missed was the match against DFB Pokal Cup Prussia Münster. In the end, he couldn’t get over the fatigue that Thomas Tuchel considered dangerous. In the match against UCL Galatasaray, he lost in a sprint match against Cedric Bakambu. In the match against Haiheim, he committed a fatal pass. The situation facing Bayern is dangerous, but the question is whether it has insufficient options and an alternative amid its tight schedule. Kim is also busy during the A-match period. He will face Singapore in Korea and then take on China for propaganda. He will return to Germany several hours later on Friday evening to start the match against Cologne. Adding on the journey, it measures 20,000 kilometers. At some point, even the monster will be exhausted. Munich needs to carefully consider when to provide rest.”

Kim Min-jae needed to be cared for. “When people talk about the second half of this season, they first think of the CAF Nations Cup, but the Asian Football Confederation Asian Cup will also be held at the same time. Munich will miss its key player, Kim Min-jae. He didn’t rest for a minute since the third round of the German Bundesliga. While Upamecano and The Licht were unavailable, Tuchel has always relied on Kim Min-jae and is always participating in the center of play,” the German news agency said.

Kane’s best friend Eric Dier was loaned to put out the urgent fire for now. On the 12th, Munich officially announced, “On June 30, 2024, Tottenham Hotspur Eric Dier signed a loan agreement with an option to extend it by one year. He will wear a uniform with his number 15 on it.”

Christophe Freund said, “I’m happy to sign Dyer. I thought about it for a long time for this transfer window. Dyer will be a valuable part of our defense. His skills and international experience will help the team both on and off the field.”

“Dyer is a center back expert. He also played as a defensive midfielder in the Premier League, but recently he mainly played as a center back. It could also be one of the three backs,” Tuchel said, expressing expectations for Dyer, who is highly utilized in many ways.

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