Youth basketball club Gangdong SK and elite women’s basketball team Shin Gil-cho held an exchange game.

Gangdong SK and Singil Elementary School’s women’s basketball team held a friendly exchange match at Singil Elementary School Gymnasium in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on the 18th.

It is not uncommon for sports clubs and elite women’s basketball teams to have exchange matches. However, the exchange match was able to take place thanks to the relationship between Yoon Mi-hye, head coach of SK Wyverns in Gangdong, and coach Shin Gil-cho and Lee Yeon-young. The exchange match took place thanks to the relationship between Yoon Mi-hye, a former professional who worked at Shinsegae (currently Hana OneQ) in Bucheon, and Lee Yeon-young, a former Japanese student and business basketball player, during her college years.마카오카지노도메인

The exchange match, which was divided into lower and higher grades, focused on refining each team’s power and preparing for the upcoming season rather than winning or losing. Gangdong SK focused on learning the sense of the game by putting the lower and upper grades together, while Shin Gil-cho focused on matching team movements on both sides of offense and defense.

“I retired in 2007 and experienced a lot of things before I got into a job at a youth basketball club. I thought it was something I could do best and like the most because I had played basketball all my life, and I was actually very interested in it, so I decided to run a basketball class myself. As a former female basketball player, I often have exchange matches with elite female teams that I have ties with,” Yoon said.

“Unlike when I played basketball when I was young, the women’s elite basketball market seems to be increasingly neglected. The number of people who dream of becoming elite basketball players has also decreased. I hope that such exchange games will help the women’s basketball team and increase the number of our players who dream of becoming basketball players,” he said.

“Youth clubs have diverse grades and a large number of players, so not only seniors but also lower-grade players who do not play well in competitions can gain a sense of play through such exchange matches,” said coach Lee Jae-young, who joined Singil Elementary School in 2020 and has been making the team one of the most powerful teams in the country. “It is also an opportunity for our players to experience more powerful basketball by facing off against male players of their age.”

Coach Lee Jae-young also expressed his commitment for this season. “Based on my Japanese basketball experience, I am teaching my players basic skills. I hope that my children will grow higher by rooting out their solid basic skills when they enter middle and high school. I will prepare well for this season and win the national championship,” Choi said after the interview.

An unusual friendly exchange between the youth basketball club Gangdong SK and Shin Gil-cho, an elite women’s basketball team. Players from both teams finished the game with a smile and sweaty face.

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