Chelsea fans want Jose Mourinho to return. Mourinho, who was previously the head coach of Chelsea twice, is once again connecting with Chelsea.

“We confirmed that Mourinho and his coaching staff are leaving the club immediately,” Roma said on the club’s website on the 16th (Korea time). Mourinho was appointed as Rome’s 60th manager in May 2021. He led the team to the UEFA Europa Conference League victory in May 2022, and reached the final in Budapest last season,” he said, conveying the news of his breakup with Mourinho.

Rome also said, “Additional updates on the new first-team coaching staff will continue,” adding that it will provide relevant information after the person and coaching staff who will become Rome’s 61st head coach since Mourinho are decided.

Roman owners Dan Friedkin and Ryan Friedkin said through the club, “We would like to thank Mourinho on behalf of everyone for his passion and hard work since he came to Rome. We will always have wonderful memories of Mourinho’s time together during his time in Rome. However, we believe that immediate change will help the club. We wish Mourinho and his staff the best in their future efforts.”

Mourinho has yet to overcome his third-year jinx again. Mourinho won the championship in his second year when he was in charge of a specific team and had a career in which he was replaced after showing sluggish performance in his third year.

During the 2002-03 season of FC Porto, Mourinho won the league, cup, and UEFA cup in his second year. He lifted the Premier League (PL) and Community Shield at Chelsea in his second year, and when he achieved a treble at Inter Milan in the 2009-10 season and a double at Real Madrid in the 2011-12 season, he also marked his second year in office. Mourinho proved once again that he would win the league and the cup in his second year when he returned to Chelsea, and that he would reach the top in his second year.

Of course, this story has disappeared recently. Mourinho won the UEFA Europa League in his first year as manager of Manchester United, but ended the season without a trophy in his second year and was replaced by Tottenham Hotspur in his second year. He was also in his first year as manager of the UEFA Conference League in Rome, and in his second year, he ended the season with no win.

Instead, the pattern of suffering a slump in the third year still seems to remain. Mourinho was sluggish in his third year in Rome as he was in the team he had been going through, and eventually left the team without completing three years.

Although Rome did not specify the reason for the dismissal of Mourinho, the reason why Mourinho was dismissed is likely to be due to poor performance. Rome is currently ranked 9th in Italian Serie A as of the 20th round of the league. The difference between the 6th place with tickets to the European match is 4 points, and the difference between the 4th place with tickets to the UEFA Champions League is 5 points. Since there is still a league schedule, it may seem that Rome has made a hasty decision considering the current situation.

Rome’s inconsistent performance and outcome were at stake. Rome seemed to turn the tide with a 7-0 victory over Empoli in the fourth round after failing to win three games since the opening, but suffered a 1-4 defeat by Genoa following a draw with Turin. Since then, the team has won consecutive games for a while, but failed to win games against major teams such as Inter Milan and Lazio, leaving it regrettable.

Attention is focusing on Mourinho’s next destination. In the UK, there have been claims that Mourinho may be appointed to Newcastle United, and some say that Saudi Arabia, which offered a proposal to Mourinho last summer, may once again express interest in Mourinho.라바카지노주소

When Mourinho became unemployed, fans came to look for him. He is Chelsea fans. Chelsea is currently having an unsatisfactory season under Mauricio Pochettino. Chelsea is still in ninth place after scoring a turning point in the league without overcoming repeated slumps from the beginning of the season. For this reason, Chelsea fans are voicing their desire for Mourinho’s return.

England’s Football London said, “Mourinho is still loved by many people in football, but it is not clear what position he will take next. Some people are saying that he should be brought to the England national team instead of Gareth Southgate, whose contract expires at the end of the 2024 UEFA European Championship. Others have mentioned Newcastle, and Chelsea has also been included in the conversation,” explaining that Chelsea is also being discussed as Mourinho’s next destination.

At the same time, the media shed light on the fact that Chelsea fans posted comments on Mourinho’s SNS asking him to return to Chelsea. According to the media, Chelsea fans hoped for Mourinho’s return to Chelsea by reacting, “Chelsea’s MR Special One, please come home,” “Mourinho is a Special One, and I’m willing to take him any time,” and “If Mourinho takes charge of Chelsea now, I will win a UCL ticket with this team.”

Mourinho previously played for Chelsea FC. He served as Chelsea manager twice. Mourinho, who came to Chelsea in 2004 after succeeding at Porto, won the 2004-05 season by scoring the fewest goals allowed in the league, which has not been broken so far. In the 2005-06 season that followed, Chelsea had consecutive league defeats under Mourinho. In the 2006-07 season, Chelsea won the EFL Cup, the FA Cup, and advanced to the UCL semifinals.

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