Tommy Edman (29, St. Louis Cardinals), a second-generation Korean Major Leaguer, is set to adjust his annual salary. He has to go through a hearing by a margin of 350,000 U.S. dollars.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch in the U.S. conveyed Edman’s frustration that he had to go through the adjustment process after the salary negotiations collapsed on the 17th (Korean time). Edman, who is in his second year of eligibility for salary adjustment, asked for 6.95 million dollars, but the St. Louis club offered 6.5 million dollars. The 350,000-dollar gap. Edman’s annual salary last year was 4.2 million dollars.

If a player who is eligible to apply for an annual salary adjustment fails to reach an agreement by the deadline, the team goes through an adjustment process. In the worst case scenario, the hearing proceeds from the end of this month to the middle of next month. At the annual salary hearing, three panels will be selected as an alternative between the two sides, with no compromise.헤라카지노주소

Until the deadline on the 12th, a total of 22 players, including Edman, failed to reach an agreement. An agreement can be reached before the hearing, but if not, there may be a situation where they have to blush each other at the hearing. Edman, who is also talking about the possibility of a multi-year contract with two seasons left until the FA, has not been discussed yet. At the moment, chances are high that he will go to the hearing, but Edman seems to be already hurt.

“It’s a terrible process. There must be better ways, but it’s something we have to deal with. I know well what happens at the hearing. It’s a pity that things are going this way,” he said. “I understand both sides of the business. From my point of view, I’m trying to get paid according to my values. There are conflicting sides, but when you go to the hearing, you will hear things you don’t want to hear. I will try not to take it personally.”

Born to Gwak Kyung-ah, a Korean immigrant mother, and John Edman, an American father, Edman is a utility player who crosses paths inside and outside the country with a switch heater. When he joined the Korean national team of the World Baseball Classic last year, he garnered attention from Korean fans. Although Edman failed to meet expectations with a batting average of 1882 (2 hits in 11 at-bats) and two RBIs in four games at the WBC, he is a well-known all-around man for offense and defense in the Major League.

Since his debut with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2019, he has posted a batting average of .319 with 53 homers, 222 RBIs, 343 runs, 151 walks, 399 strikeouts, 106 stolen bases with a batting average of .408 OPS.726 in 596 games in five major league seasons. He won the Gold Glove Award in the National League (NL) second baseman category in 2021, and was also nominated in the NL utility category last year.

However, his batting performance has declined due to the right wrist injury. He had a batting average of 248 (119 hits in 479 times at bat) in 137 games with 13 homers and 47 RBIs and 27 stolen bases with an OPS of .705. After the season, he underwent surgery to repair cartilage and bone damage in his wrist. He had been in pain for two years due to the pain he felt for the first time before the 2022 season, but the pain became unbearable.

Three months after the surgery, Edman is doing all training except for hitting swings. “I will take steps to recover by checking my wrist condition day by day,” Edman said, expressing his commitment, “It’s hard to say when I’ll return because I don’t know exactly how my body will react, but I want to prepare for the opening game.” The St. Louis Cardinals will hold its opening game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on March 29 at an away game at Dodger Stadium.

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