“Haeyoung lost some of my wins and cried, so we became very close.”

KIA Tigers’ bullpen ace Lim Ki-young confessed that his MBTI starts with an E. He has strong “insider” skills from Hanwha Eagles to KIA. “I am close with all of our team’s pitchers. I am close with Hyunjong, and among his juniors, Lee Ui-ri and Jeong Hae-young approach me a lot and joke around,” Lim told Kia’s YouTube channel Gyativ.헤라카지노

Then, he introduced an episode related to Jung. Lim used to be a bullpen ace in the 2023 season, but he has been a starting pitcher all along. He said he remembered it as early as 2020, but the closing pitcher said that Jung had several wins and cried that day.

Lim Ki-young said, “Hae-young also lost a few of my wins and cried, and we became very close.” “I’m not greedy about winning. But Hae-young won my 10th victory in 2020. I think she cried a lot then. I teased her a lot that it was okay.”

From the closing point of view, if you lose in an urgent situation, lose a point, turn the game around, or finish, you will feel sorry for the team, but you will feel sorry for the starting pitchers and bullpen pitchers who threw well earlier. In particular, the closers complain that if you miss the starting pitcher’s winning requirement, you will feel heavy.

Although the meaning of a pitcher’s victory has been tarnished in modern baseball, some say that a starter’s victory still has symbolic meaning. If you throw poorly and take care of a win, you will feel better than throwing well and not taking care of a win.

In that sense, Lim is cool. Maybe that’s why he has continued to survive as a starting pitcher in the fifth round. When his younger teammate cried and expressed his regret, he comforted him cheerfully in his own way.

“It’s okay because I’m going to fly more (my victory) in the future.” The production team of Gyativi also burst into laughter at the comment. “I still thought I should tell you so that you won’t feel sorry, so I told you well. I made a lot of jokes that it was okay,” Lim said.

How grateful was Jung Hae-young to Lim as he comforted her so coolly? That’s how much their friendship seems to have deepened. “Ryu and Ji-hyuk (Samsung Lions) are the same age and went to the national team (Asian Professional Baseball Championship) in 2017, and the other members greeted each other at the stadium and talked a lot before getting close,” Lim said. “We got close after talking about (KT Wiz) Young-pyo and (Im)Chan-kyu (LG Twins).”

However, there is a hidden twist. Im Ki-young is E, but he actually enjoys ‘staying at home’. “Hyun-jong asks me to go out to eat when we go on an expedition. But I don’t go out because I’m too lazy to go out,” he said. As a reporter who enjoys staying at home, I strongly sympathize with him.

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