Outfielder Wyatt Langford (23) will compete in spring camp.

The Texas Rangers released a list of 10 players invited to this year’s Major League spring camp on Wednesday (Korea time), and Langford was the most notable player. The order was scheduled to some extent. Texas manager Bruce Bochy said last month that Langford would have a chance to make the opening entry for the season.월카지노도메인

Langford, a graduate of Florida University, is a big-time prospect who was selected as the fourth overall pick in the first round of the 2023 rookie draft. He received a whopping 8 million U.S. dollars (10.8 billion won) in down payment to join the team, raising expectations for the “future of Texas.” He then displayed impressive performance since his first season joining the team. He started as a rookie, the lowest level in the Minor League, and conquered the highest level of Triple-A after Top Single-A and Double-A. His overall record in the Minor League this season is 0.360 (58 hits in 161 times at bat) with 10 homers and 30 RBIs in 44 games. He has garnered more walks (36) than strikeouts (34), and has an OPS of 1.157, which is the combination of on-base percentage (0.480) and slugging percentage (0.677). In Double-A and Triple-A, he showed presence with an on-base percentage of .500.

According to MLB.COM, the official website of the Major League Baseball (MLB), he ranked second (13th overall) after Evan Carter (outfielder). MLB.COM also praised Lankford for his strength and bat speed. He said he can make consistent hard contacts and has no obvious weaknesses at bat, adding that he is expected to hitters with 35 home runs and a batting average of 280 this season. Considering that Carter made his big league debut last year, Langford is most likely to take the top spot as a Texas prospect this year.

Currently, Texas has six outfielders on its 40-man roster, including Carter and Leody Taveras. With the exception of Adolis Garcia, who has a solid position, several players are competing for two spots. Attention is focusing on whether Langford will be able to squeeze in the vacancy. Coach Bochy plans to check with his own eyes at the spring camp for now.

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