In an interview with British “Guardian Sports” on the 14th (Korea time), Guglielmo Vicario said, “I wanted to come to Tottenham unconditionally at the time of the summer transfer market,” showing his affection and loyalty to Tottenham, saying, “If there was no ink, I would have cut myself and written a contract with that fatigue.”

Tottenham manager Enzi Postecoglou is showing significant improvement compared to last season. As of the end of 20 matches, it has 39 points, six points shorter than Liverpool (45 points). It also has a one-point gap with fourth-ranked Arsenal, which can expect a higher ranking depending on the outcome of the remaining matches.월카지노도메인

There was a period when the team remained unbeaten in the early days of the season, but it struggled as its main players suffered injuries in the match against Chelsea (1-4 loss). On top of that, Christian Romero and other players were reeling from continuous injury, but they managed to regain their balance and hold on.

At the center of them were Son Heung-min of attack and Udo-ki of defense. And Vicario, the guardian deity of defense. Son scored 17 offensive points by scoring 12 goals and five assists in 20 games during the dl season. This is a record that exceeds the 16 offensive points he accumulated last season (10 goals and six assists) in the league.

If Son Heung-min was in the attack, goalkeeper Vicario had a big presence in defense. Vicario, who was the best goalkeeper in Serie A in the 2022-2023 season, left Empoli for 20 million euros (about 28.8 billion won) and joined Tottenham to fill Hugo Lloris.

Vicario has been outstanding since joining the club. He tied for fourth (joint No. 1 Alisson Becker and No. 6 Anders Onana Jordan Pickford) with No. 5 in clean sheet, and solidified his position as the main goalie by displaying good performance in all areas, including defense and build-up.

In particular, Coach Postecoglou’s brilliant defense ability is excellent even in a disadvantageous situation defensively due to his fastball football. On top of that, he supported the team even when Romero and Van der Ben were injured one after another. For this reason, he was named as the best 11 goalkeepers in the first half of the year by the PL Secretariat.

Legendary English striker Elon Shearer who picked Vicario as the best 11 player in the first half of the PL along with the PL Secretariat said, “Tottenham’s batting tactics put a lot of pressure on the goalkeeper. He did a good job despite such tough conditions. Vicario shone even under countless shots and pressure.”

Vicario has shown his affection for Tottenham Hotspur. Especially during the summer transfer window, he was linked with Juventus, Napoli, AS Roma, etc., but moved to Tottenham. Indeed, Vicario has expressed satisfaction with his life in London even after joining the club.

Vicario, who said he was confident of joining Tottenham when he left Empoli, expressed his affection, saying, “Honestly, I would have walked all the way from Italy and signed it. It was an opportunity that I could not miss, so I would have tried to come to Tottenham at all costs.”

Vicario stressed, “I was going to run from Italy to England if I really needed to. And if there wasn’t a pen or ink on this signing site, I would have just cut myself and signed with that blood. That’s how much I really wanted to come.”

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