The LA Lakers want to strengthen their power in a backcourt. They are focusing on recruiting Deyonte Murray (Atlanta).마카오카지노도메인

CBS Sports reported on Monday (Korea time) that the Los Angeles Lakers want to improve their backcourt players. All of their efforts are being made to recruit DeYonte Murray.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not doing well in the early days of this season. They have 19 wins and 20 losses. They are ranking 11th in the Western Conference. If this trend continues, it will be difficult for them to advance to the playoffs.

There are no injuries to LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This is a bigger problem. The two players played together in 34 out of 39 games, but their performance is not improving.

The biggest problems are 3-point shooting and transition games.

The Los Angeles Lakers rank 23rd in the league with 112.1 points in ORTG (expected score per 100 points). They have the worst number of 3-point attempts per game and success rate of 3-point attempts. They have the same average number of 3-point attempts per game as the Detroit Pistons. They rank 29th in the league.

He ranked 29th in the league with 10.9 successful 3-point shots. No other team except Detroit has fewer 3-point attempts and success than the Los Angeles Lakers.

LA Lakers’ guards are not good. There is Austin Reeves, but DeAngelo Russell has a lot of injuries. In addition, the performance itself is not good. Newly added Gabi Vincent is an injury.

The Atlanta Hawks formed a strong backcourt lineup with Trae Young, bringing in Deyonte Murray, the former ace of San Antonio. However, there is not much synergy between Young and Murray. Still, Murray is a strong all-star guard, but his position in Atlanta is in limbo. This is because Trae Young is there.

When Murray joins the Los Angeles Lakers, he becomes quite powerful. Murray is not only good at scoring, but also in assists, rebounds, and defense. It is a good three option to assist LeBron and Anthony Davis.

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