Currently, the basketball player who is drawing the most attention in Japan is Kawamura of the Yokohama B-Corsairs. Appearing like a comet last season, he instantly became Japan’s top guard by winning five gold medals including MVP, Rookie of the Year, MIP, Best Five, and Assistance. He also emerged as a World Cup star by leading Japan to the 2024 Paris Olympics by showing strong performance at the FIBA Basketball World Cup last year.

Kawamura is loved by many fans for his outstanding skills and good looks. As a result, he ranked first in the All-Star voting. He will play at the 2024 B.League All-Star Game, which is scheduled at Okinawa Arena in Okinawa, Okinawa Prefecture on Saturday, as the best five players for the B.WHITE team.

“Many fans will come to watch the B. League game. I think it will be affected by the World Cup. I am always grateful. I will continue to show good performances and repay my fans,” Kawamura said at the Okinawa Arena on Sunday.라바카지노도메인

Kawamura is only 172 centimeters tall. Nevertheless, he is armed with breakthrough speed and accurate shots. His explosive scoring ability, which can be overwhelmed once it bursts, is another strength. He also has a wide field of view, which naturally reminds him of Yuki Togashi (Chiba), a Japanese short guard.

“I think kidneys are one ability and talent. But what is more important than kidneys is strong mind. As NBA star Alan Iverson once said, the heart is more important than the kidney. You have to play with the mindset that you can do it. I have longed for Togashi since I was a child. It’s an honor to play with him like this.” Kawamura said.

Kawamura, who displayed stellar performance at the World Cup, surprised the world. Now, the Japanese stage is too small for him. He is expected to be thinking about overseas challenges, just like Togashi did in the past.

“In order to become an athlete who can play in international competitions, I need to take on challenges in difficult circumstances. That way, I will grow further. If the timing is right, I am also considering overseas challenges,” Kawamura said.

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