Akihiro Yuto, a rising star of the Yomiuri Giants of Japan’s professional baseball league, is attempting to bulk up with “binge-eating training” in the offseason.

Japanese media Nikkan Sports reported that Akihiro Yuto Yomiuri is strengthening his body through binge eating training. Akihiro is self-training with Sho Nakata in downtown Oita. The two players played together in the Yomiuri Giants until last year, and although Nakata was transferred to the Chunichi Dragons as a free agent in the off-season, they are training together ahead of the new season. Last year, Akihiro also joined Nakata in off-season self-training.

“Akihiro is 106 kilograms now, but he is aiming to gain 6 kilograms to 112 kilograms by increasing the amount of meals he eats. He also cuts his hair short like a high school baseball player, and aims to participate in all games for this season,” the media reported. When he started self-training, he reportedly wrote 112 kilograms as his goal.랭크카지노

After training, Akihiro had an eating show for lunch. According to the media, Akihiro ate 800 grams of steak, 2.5 bowls of rice, and potatoes. For dinner, there were five bowls of rice.

“I need to build up strength and body so that I can compete throughout the season. As I lost 100 kilograms last summer, I lost my form,” Akihiro said. “I was just four at-bats short of my goal of 443 at-bats. I realized the need to increase my physical strength, and gaining weight during this period is very important.” During an off-season self-training session last year, Akihiro ate nine meals to gain weight.

Akihiro was actually in his first-team debut season last year, and he played 121 games with a batting average of 273 with 10 homers and 41 RBIs with 36 runs scored and an OPS of .720.

Nakata, who has been in self-training together for two consecutive years despite the change in the team, encouraged Akihiro to “go for career high.” Akihiro said, “If you look higher, you will hit .300, but first of all, I want to surpass last year’s number with .28.”

Akihiro was selected by Yomiuri in the 2020 draft, and in 2021, his first year since debut, he went 0-for-1 in one game in the first division. In 2022, he did not play in the first division and gained experience in the second division, batting 275 with nine home runs in 109 games.

Akihiro is wearing the number 55. This is the number that Hideki Matsui, who recorded 507 home runs in the U.S. and Japan, wore when he played for the Yomiuri Giants. The Yomiuri Giants hopes that Akihiro will become a big shot like Matsui.

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