Former star midfielder Nemanja Matic has been reduced to an ‘icon of the back of the head’ at the age of 36.

Matic is the second most sought-after figure in the French soccer community after Kylian Mbappe. He has been noisy since he moved to France. He showed good teamwork with Jose Mourinho at AS Roma for one year because he suddenly pushed for Stadren transfer without informing the club and left the club as if he was running away at night ahead of the opening of the league. That was last summer.

Rennes thought he would complete his contract for two years, but he is now highly likely to leave the club after half a year. Rennes seemed to display his skills by playing 19 games in the first half of the year, including the Cup. Rennes recently made an official statement pointing out his insincere attitude. “I did not attend training, but I cannot understand that it was a behavior of a veteran professional player. I am waiting for the player’s explanation and will take all possible measures to protect the interests of the club,” he said in a stern voice.월카지노도메인

Matic’s explanation was about the education of his children. He said he was trying to solve the problem because he failed to get him into an international school in the Ren area. According to local reports, he has already decided to let his children into schools in the Lyon area, which can be seen as a strong possibility for him to move to the Olympique Rion.

At the same time, “Gacheta delo Sport” said that Italy’s AC Milan could recruit Matic for a chance to bounce back. Midfielder Rade Krunic left for Fenerbahce in Turkiye, which created a need to reinforce.

His skills and performances match his reputation as a pro in recent years, but he has been against him everywhere he goes. In his prime, Matic was a midfielder who was one of the most famous midfielders who had the ability to fight physically, to carry and keep the ball from dribbling, and to use mid- to long-distance passes from left kicks. As a starting member of Chelsea, he played a role as a confidante of Mourinho. Moving teams to Manchester United and Rome was close to being accompanied by Mourinho. However, controversy has continued since he “betrayed” Mourinho last year.

If Matic returns to the Italian stage for the first time in half a year, the match between Milan and Rome is likely to be louder than before with boos about him.

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