The NC Dinos have undergone significant changes since the 2022 season. Yang Eui-ji, the main catcher, left for the Doosan Bears as a friendly team after he became an FA (free agent).

NC, which has moved quickly since then, has minimized the gap by signing an FA contract with catcher Park Se-hyuk for a total of 4.6 billion won (a down payment of 1.8 billion won, an annual salary of 2.4 billion won, and an incentive of 400 million won) for four years on Nov. 24. “Park Se-hyuk is a stable catcher with experience in winning the Korean Series and representing the national team. His experience, sincerity and serious attitude toward baseball will be of great help to our team,” NC’s general manager Lim Sun-nam said at the time.

Less than a month after the opening of the regular season, however, Park’s ordeal came. He collapsed on April 14 after being hit in the head by a bat swung by Guillermo Heredia during an away game against SSG Landers. Although he avoided major injuries, he did not play for a while and focused on rest.

This was not the end. Park Se-hyuk, who played in 20 games during May and recorded 16 hits in 62 at-bats, one homer and six RBIs, suffered from a severe slump as he recorded 7 hits in 52 at-bats, one homer and eight RBIs in 21 games in June. On top of that, he was diagnosed with tendonitis in his left wrist in mid-August, and joined the rehabilitation team with the cancellation of his entry into the first division.

Park Se-hyuk, who has been away for more than a month, made his comeback against Changwon SSG on October 4, but the situation has changed compared to before the injury. This is because catcher Kim Hyung-joon, who has been on board with the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team, has taken the main position by showing off his presence after the first-tier call-up.

Consequently, Park couldn’t start throughout the postseason, and he spent more time watching fall baseball from the bench. In the meantime, junior Kim Hyung-joon clearly imprinted his presence by hitting critical home runs in the wild card game and the semi-playoff. Thus, Park ended his first season in NC in vain.헤라카지노

When I think about 2023, I will be very upset. “When I first came to the team, I aimed for the semifinals, and the young players did so well for one season,” Park Se-hyuk told reporters after the club’s New Year’s Day event on the 8th. “The team was able to perform well because (Son) A-seop hyung, (Park) Min-woo, and (Park) Gun-woo did a good job,” he said. “The fans might feel sorry, but I felt good because the team showed off their fighting spirit until the end. Personally, I was disappointed because there were many places where I was sick.”

Park Se-hyuk, who had to suffer from residual injuries throughout the season, said, “I think last year was the first time I was in the rehabilitation group after wrist pain. It was a pity because such a time was difficult and the recovery was slow. I also thought that NC could have finished it at a higher position if I had been a part of the team and did well in that period. As I got one year older, I thought I had to take good care of my body and prepare well.”

Kim Hyung-joon’s performance was a great stimulus but also an opportunity to reflect on himself. “I think I had a good experience and study while I was on the bench. I don’t want to go out just because I want to play, but I have to accept it as it is a decision made by the coach, and I think I couldn’t go because I was not good enough and I was sick,” Park Se-hyuk reflected.

“[Kim] Hyung-joon is such a good player. We can’t deny that. He is a good player in everyone’s eyes. He is young, but he did a good job in the national team. I felt a lot that I should not prepare less,” he said. “Young players are coming up against me, and I should prepare with no regrets what I need to prepare according to reality, not just because I am a veteran. If I can prepare well regardless of my surroundings, I think I can get good results and help the team.”

Park Se-hyuk is now a middle and high school veteran. “I feel more responsible and different in my second year as a senior at NC,” Park said. “I think I exercised a lot until now. I visited the center and received help, and I am preparing silently, considering what I lacked and what I was sick about.”

Park Se-hyuk, who also recalled Eric Pedi, who left for the Chicago White Sox in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), said, “When I first came to the KBO League, I didn’t know I could do that, but I think I could win 20 games after the opening game against the Samsung Lions.” He stressed his responsibility, saying, “I was lucky and I worked with a 20-win pitcher for the third time. As a professional, you have to find other alternatives, and you have to perform well while leading other players.”

What do you think about ABS (automatic pitch determination system), which has been confirmed to be introduced this season? “I don’t know how strike zones are formed, and it’s not like (the catcher) can deceive, and I don’t know how it will feel as much as the machine judges,” Park said. “Even if a robot referee is introduced, I think catchers should have a framing. I think that if a robot referee catches a ball roughly, pitchers may think that their balance is impaired, so I think the same framing should be done.”

Park Se-hyuk left for the U.S. on June 10. Before joining the spring camp, he will prepare for the 2024 season with the help of Kang Jung-ho. “I went to the U.S. (to the U.S.) because of Aseob,” he said. “I felt something when I ran into a wall in the 2022 season, and I trained in the U.S. I wanted to play more because I didn’t even have a lot of games in the second half of last season. After the end of the season, I was thinking about how I would prepare for the 2024 season, but I decided to prepare a lot in the U.S. in advance. I will prepare a lot for the 22nd and receive help.”

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