Jeju United’s new Brazilian duo Italo and Thales chose to go to Korea without thinking about it when the opportunity to play in the K League came.랭크카지노도메인

Italo and Thales met with reporters at a training site located at the Jeju United Club House on the 10th and expressed their feelings about joining Jeju and ahead of their K-League debut season.

Jeju announced on the 9th that it has recruited Italo and Thales as new foreign players while conducting the first winter training in Korea ahead of the 2024 season.

Italo is a 190-cm tall defensive midfielder. He boasts superior capacity to control ball in the air by using his physical strength and tends to be a box-to-box midfielder, which speeds up transition of his offense and defense. Since he has good defense against sweatshirts, he faithfully plays the role of the primary blocking line. He is a good substitute for Kim Bong-soo, who recently left for Sangmu in Gimcheon to serve in the military. He has played for Amazonas FC (Brazilian minor league) since August last year. Although his career is not notable, scouts have assessed that his potential and potential are certain based on long-term observations and analysis.

Thales is a left winger as his main position, but he is a multi-aggressive resource that can play as a right winger and fullback. He dribbles well to break through with additional acceleration and he excels in left foot shooting following quick judgment. As Thales also tends to be a winger with the opposite foot, he is expected to have synergy with existing resources such as Hayes, Seo Jin-soo and Kim Seung-seop, who enable switching play according to changes in tactics. Thales played for Fonte Preta, a member of Brazil’s second division, until recently, and after playing a total of 15 games, he joined Jeju.

With the addition of Italo and Thales, Jeju now has four Brazilian players in its squad. Hayes, who is already in his fourth year in the K-League, and Yuri, who speaks Korean well after quickly adapting after joining the team last season, are expected to actively help his teammates from his homeland.

The two players, wearing Jeju uniforms, conducted training under the new head coach Kim Hak-beom. The temperature was 7 degrees Celsius on the day, but the Brazilian duo, which was not accustomed to the cold in Korea due to strong winds at the training site, kept shaking during the interview, even though they were wearing gloves and neckwear.

As a reason for choosing to go to Korea, where the weather and culture are completely different from those of Brazil, Lee Ta-ro said, “Time will solve the cold because we can adapt naturally,” adding, “The biggest reason for choosing Jeju is that if a prestigious team called Jeju in the first division of the K-League, I think any Brazilian player will come boldly.”

“It was not a difficult choice for us. I will perform well so that more good players can come to Jeju in the future,” he said.

“I think the important thing is adaptation. I think the culture of coldness and living that you can’t experience in Brazil is important,” he said. “The club is supporting us to adapt quickly, so we will try to adapt as fast as possible.”

“All foreign players have dreamed of playing overseas, and it is an honor that they called me from Jeju, a member of the first division of the K-League, to such a good country of Korea,” Thales said, expressing his pride in joining Jeju. “I didn’t put much thought into joining Jeju either. The cold is also something we have to adapt to.”

“I also think adaptation is important. All of the Jeju members are helping us adapt, so there is no big problem in adapting,” he said. “I think it will be a good relationship because the players are also treating us from abroad. I want to give happiness this year, and I will make more efforts to reach the goals that Jeju wants.”

When asked about his soccer style and strength, Italo said, “My strength in seeing a defensive midfielder is speed and harmony. He is a player who can help the team both in terms of offense and defense by moving back and forth between the box and the physical,” adding, “I think he chose Jeju Island because he saw my strength. I will work hard to show my fans this strength.”

“My strengths are speed, dribbling and goal determination,” Thales said. “I will try to make my strengths, speed and dribbling, stand out in Jeju. My goal this year is to help as much as possible when I get a goal chance.”

The two players said they are getting a lot of help from Yuri and Hayes, who are from the same Brazil.

Italo said, “I was advised by Yuri and Hayes on what style the Korean K-League is and what the color of the K-League is,” adding, “I haven’t experienced (the K-League) directly, so I think this advice will be an opportunity to prepare psychologically in advance.”

“I contacted Yuri before joining the team, and Hayes came here to know about it. Both players have connected well with Korean players so that we can adapt to them,” Thales said, thanking Yuri and Hayes, who are senior players in the K-League.

Thales also expressed great interest in the culture and characteristics of Korean players, saying, “I think they are very polite when I see Korean players. I will become closer to them and do better.”

Lastly, when asked if they had learned any Korean words in a short period of time, both players said, “Hello,” “Thank you,” and “I’m a breakaway (Tales),” showing that they are adapting to Korea.

Attention is focusing on whether Jeju, which finished the final ranking ninth last season, will be able to make a leap to the top of the list thanks to the leadership of the new head coach Kim Hak-beom and the performance of the new Brazilian duo Lee Deuk-ro and Thales.

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